Wednesday, June 27, 2012

*VIDEO* @LupeFiasco - "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)

Pete Rock is just going to have to be mad. Dope is dope and the new video for Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) is just as dope as the lyrics Lupe Fiasco drops on the song. Its been 6 years since Food and Liquor introduced the world to a ferocious lyrical nerd equipped with concept and flow. In most purist eyes, the album is nothing short of a classic! Since his debut, Lupe has endured label beef, album pushbacks and even a Bill O'Reilly interview. He has even flirted with commercial success a few times, a feat unheard of for a rapper of his ability and content. The last thing he ever expected to run into was critical disapproval.

Enter Lasers! The Chi-town rapper's third album was highly anticipated, sadly delayed and sounded very much compromised. Lupe fans were puzzled at how.....well....average the album sounded. Especially after the superb performances placed on previous mixtape efforts leading up to the album. Not to let lackluster performances and label politics hold him back, Lu promised fans a quick return to form in the form of a classic album done his way and minus industry tampering. So he returned to the space that helped create Food and Liquor and began recording Food and Liquor 2. With anticipation building, he dropped the song Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free) to another unexpected response. The song sampled the horns from T.R.O.Y, a classic Hip Hop ode to a fallen friend by Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Pete Rock was not pleased with the sample and voiced his displeasure via interviews and social media. Pete Rock and Lupe went back and forth about Pete not being involved in the process. Lupe had obtained all legal permission needed in order to use the sample but, the absence of Pete Rock's assistance in the project soured the legendary producer. Drama aside, Lupe has decided to move forward with the lyrically and socially charged song. He has now decided to drop the visuals to Around My Way...

Tell us what you think of the video. Are you checking for Food and Liquor 2?

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