Friday, June 8, 2012

[VIDEO OF DAY]: Happy Birthday @KanyeWest x "Mercy" x @2Chaniz @BigSean @Pusha_T

Happy Birthday to my mentor, idol and the man who doenst know that I work for him yet.

Today Mr. West celebrates his 35th and as I do every year, I will listen to every one of his albums in order tonight and reminisce on how each album was apart of my life.

I became a Kanye fan way before 2004 mostly because I was a Jay Z fan, but not your average fan. From 2001-2003 I was a North Carolina Street team Rep for Rocafella in Eastern North Carolina. The only rep in my market, matter fact. Blueprint 1 and 2 were my first big projects and I did product placement and email blasts. This was way before Facebook and Twitter. At this time, my biggest internet platform was Yahoo Groups and Chats and Myspace. We all know about the whole Rocafella situation blah blah then, one of my favorite producers behind Jay dropped my graduation year in High School. That entire album spoke to me and gave me the decision to chase my dreams. College Dropout prevented me from becoming a College Dropout. True story.

To this day, Kanye West's music is apart of my life. The Watch The Throne album grew the best history between my current main squeeze and I. If you get to see this Kanye, Happy Birthday and email me back! LOL

Until then, this is one of the best video's i've seen in a while. Plain, simple and doesn't need to say much because LOOK WHO"S ON THE TRACK!

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