Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Does @NickiMinaj still do HipHop? IDK,but still gonna party like a whiteboy to Pound The Alarm! HOT!!! [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

[CLUB BAAAAAANGER] Fabolous, Wale and French Montana doing dance moves! @MyFabolousLife - Dance Moves (feat: @Wale @FrenchMontana)

**NEW** Project Pattahhhh and Wiz will make yo head nod!!! @RealWizKhalifa - Still Got It (feat: @ProjectPatHcp)

[Freeway Rick Ross interview]. GOONS WANT TO GET AT @RickyRozay! Is the Teflon Don in danger???

Monday, July 30, 2012


One of my fav tracks from this artist. I put my co-sign on everything he do. He IS a star & he frm Coastal Carolina. Gotta love it. This was sent in early this am so here it goes!

Track and beat produced by Bar Beats. Video Produced by CNC. New single of Mike Rose's Choice Words Mixtape hosted by Chinaman.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Sent in from Georgia shawty (lol) via my connect @DJShep1FAMM down in Miami. Love the track from the production to the lyrical content, song is def radio friendly. The video was pretty good, it made sense but I would've hired the strippers to do private dancing so they could have actually danced "slow"-- but they are the "Broke Celeb Gang" lol love the name. Anyways, you get just enough ass scenes to watch it all the way to the end. Guys enjoy!

Mobb Deep breakup??? @ProdigyMobbDeep and @TheRealHavoc are on "indefinite hiatus"

Mobb Deep fans were shocked last April when Havoc's Twitter page was allegedly hacked. In the hacked Twitter post, Havoc went on a long rant about Prodigy being a pussy and being fucked while he was in prison. After the rant, Prodigy came out to denounce the Twitter rant as false by telling the world Havoc's phone and Twitter account was hacked. This was later confirmed by Havoc's publicist.

Well the bullshit is out of the bag! Three months later, Havoc has confirmed that those tweets came directly from him and that Mobb Deep is on an indefinite break.

"The tweets is crazy, you know what I'm saying" he told AllHipHop.com. "I believe that Twitter is not the place to resolve any type of beef that you have with anybody. So I will say those is the reasons why I retracted my statement. I had love for the fans you know what I'm saying. And I was speaking of a standpoint of being mad. BUT still being truthful of how I felt. But it was just the wrong thing to do at the time."

Havoc says that Mobb Deep is currently inactive and that the truth will come out regarding what went down between him and Prodigy. "Right now Mobb Deep is on hiatus, indefinitely…until things get hashed out,” he said. “Eventually, the real story will come out; there’s two sides to every story. Only one has been spoken for.”

**NEW MUSIC** @50Cent - New Day (feat: @DrDre @AliciaKeys) produced by @TheRealSwizzz

Friday, July 27, 2012

**NEW ISH** Hood Fever - "Ferrari" TWERK EDITION @HoodFeverMusic got the club on smash!!!

Hood Fever always puts the club on smash. ALWAYS! He's back with a new single thats garunteed to be a club banger classic. If you know how to move that ass on the dance floor then this is the song for you. Matter fact if you think you are the best with that booty twerk hit Hood Fever up at HoodFever@gmail.com


The city known as G-Vegas and notorious for always making the top 10 list with a school that parties the most within the US (East Carolina University) was now the talk of the Twitter world the morning of 7/27. Greenville, NC was sadly called out by Mr. Kevin Hart himself on the night of 7/26 around 10:30pm as having a "fake event" and calls I-95 Norf, Major Moves Entertainment and Skyy Bar "Janky Promoters".

You may ask, "why feature this like its real news" or ask "why are you hating because maybe it was bad communication". No. Its not hating, its protecting MY fan base. So technically its my job to get this news to everyone. This city has a history of "janky promoters" since the late Shawn Mack of Club Dynasty passed away and I, for one, have always been the vocal "truth' for the citizens in my circle that reside in this city.  The club night life around here just doesn't match up to my business ethics and it's situations like this with club owners that made me turn Wet Set away from Club Promotions once this same city shut down Club Faces in 2010.

I've seen the Skyy Bar club owner come into my job and place flyers for this events with a big grin on his face. I've seen some of my Wet Set girls in Beaufort County and Martin County get a little excited when the flyers pop up in their cities. I mean, its fuckin Kevin Hart. I love Kevin Hart. But something just didn't sit right with me. A couple weeks back I posted on my Facebook that he'd probably "only show up for a walk through then bounce". Now, it's actually worse than I suspected. Kevin hart will not be there at all and I'm saving hundreds of people from going to spend $40 to be at this bar from 4pm til 2am waiting to see Kevin Hart.

If you going to run a club, run it like a business. Janky promoters should not be labled upon your establishment. Overcharging the good promoters just to fill your pockets and hiring bad promoters just because they can scheme along with you is just going to bring bad karma. I've tried to get in touch with this Club Owner and of course, no response. Which I expected. He's known me since Club Dynasty turned into Club Gas and yet, pretends to not know who I am time after time. Well sir, maybe now you will remember. Follow me on Twitter, @Meettheconnect

Front of flyer

Back of flyer

Thursday, July 26, 2012

[MIXTAPE] @MafiaMixtapes1 And Billbord Exec. Presents Summer On Smash Hosted By Dj Arab #TeamCommission

Its summer time bitches!!! Now is not the time to cruise around in the whip with that bullshit blasting out of the speakers. You need the hottest most exclusive songs for summer. Have no fear! Mafia Mixtapes and Billbord Exec will keep you riding like only real niggas and real divas should. New Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks, Nas, Future, Usher, Meek Mill and more hosted by DJ Arab. Put the Summer On Smash!!!


**HIPHOP NEWS** S/O to BustaRhymes for giving away a free album!!! #Salute @BusaBusss

Yesterday on BET's "106 & Park, Busta Rhymes revealed that his next album Year of the Dragon will be FREE!!! He will release the album for free via Google Play. I knew this Android phone would start paying dividends LOL! Should I thank Cash Money for this too? Not so fast! Bus-A-Buss said that the LP will not be his YMCMB, Cash Money debut.

"The Year of the Dragon album, just so everybody know, is not my Cash Money debut, my YMCMB debut. This is my Google album and this is going to be given to everybody for free," he said. "And the reason why we decided to give it to everybody for free is because number one, Google Play is where the album is going to be available. So when it drops, we drop it in the second week of August, you’re going to get a date in the next couple of days, it’s important that you go there to get it because that’s the only place where it’s going to be for free."

He also revealed the guest features for the project. The Brooklyn, New York veteran said that the LP will tout appearances from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Robin Thicke, Gucci Mane, Reek Da Villain, J-Doe, Anthony Hamiton and Maino.

"We got the incredible Tunechi the boss on the joint, we got Rick Ross, we got Trey Songz, we got Robin Thicke on there, we got my fellow Brooklynite Maino and Anthony Hamilton on a record together, we got Gucci Mane on the project, we got Reek Da Villain and J-Doe."

While the album will drop in August, he reminded us to be on the lookout for his Cash Money debuting November. I guess Hip Hop heads will call Year of the Dragon a mixtape before the album. But still, S/O to Busta for taking the time to make his art, even its free, an event. While at 106 & Park, Busta dropped the video for the album's first single, King Tut.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

**NEW** @Slaughterhouse rips @nas "Nasty" instrumental! Gangsta Grillz EXCLUSIVE!!!

Hip Hop heads get ready!!! Slaughterhouse has linked up with DJ Drama for a "Gangsta Grillz" mixtape. For a lil preview of things to come, Crooked I, Joe Budden, Royce and Joell Ortiz throw fire on Nas' "Nasty" instrumental.

**NEW** #GFID appetizer @RickyRozay - Sixteen (feat: Andre 3000) DAMN NEAR 8 Min LONG!!! #HOTSHIT

God Forgives, I Don't in stores July 31st

**NEW** #GFID appetizer @RickyRozay - Diced Pineapples (feat: @drake @wale)

God Forgives, I Don't in stores July 31st


I love this song. Has a lil snippet f/ @BrandKind at the end. The beat was what made me push replay and being that I've BEEN told these guys they are talented, I'm about to put the pressure on 'em.


These dudes murdered this beat. I love these guys. This video was so creative, so emotional, and so talented. It's lyrical, it tells a story, and was done by dudes younger than any mainstream artists to date. Somebody give them a deal!


Performance video from back in the days. This was my first big project out of the E-NC. All the artists featured on this track and shown performing on Mrytle Beach at the SMES Awards (read SMES review here) in Sept 2010 are all still doing big things. Question is? Is it possible to see them all in the same studio again?

This industry can make or break you and during the process of "gettin on", shit happens. This Everybody Working track put everybody involved "on". In the process, everyone has gone their own ways. Some signed to other labels, some took the fame to the head and really thought they were "on" big time, some took the title and made it a brand, and some have been laying low. Regardless, Wet Set and i still remain a supporter to all involve that have allowed us in their careers. Which is technically all the artists and producers. Any others, well, lets just say good luck to them. We're just proud to say we did marketing for it.


"I walk around like i'm the muthafuckin President, you know I be running shit, the only thing that's relevant..."

C'mon son. This song right here! This song right here will be classic FOR E-V-E-R. Carolina's Queen Bee Shelly B is the sweetest inspirational woman yet when she raps, you verbally get slapped so hard that even I cant help but say, "damn". This track rocked from 2010 and smashed Summer 2011.


Could never let this out the rotation when I first got this song after a conference call with his NY team. This my business partner and bestie straight outta Enfield NC. Currently making moves in Atlanta and I got a new release from him dropping tomorrow. 2008 Underground Music Award Best Male, 2009 NCUMA Lyricist of Year, 2009 and 2010 Carolina Music Award Best Male, 2009 SMES Male Artist, 3x SEA Nominee, 2008 Beyond Race Magazine next to Blow, YoRaps! Next to Blow, etc etc etc lol!


Meet the shortest, cutest, hardcore rapper with crazy vocals. Wet Set loves Mica Swain and she was one of the first artist I was introduced to after my gig with Rocafella Street Team and into the indie NC music scene. Classic from 2010.


Just going through some of my fav and still grindin artists in the Carolinas. If you are currently new on the scene or interested in making a career out of your talents, you HAVE to know about some of the artists I'll be featuring today. 1st up is 11 Entertainment's Marc Law. this track smashed the Summer of 2009.


Words cant explain how hot this mixtape is. Perfect title, great picks, track-listing is not a complete lineup of trap music only. You get a perfect blend of trap, gangsta and crunk music to ride out on this summer. Big ups to the Djs and to all my readers you HAVE to have this in your ride.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

George Jefferson has passed away!!! R.I.P Sherman Hemsley

Sherman Hemsley, known to the world as George Jefferson, died at the age of 74 at his home in El Paso, TX. The Black television icon starred in Black classic tv shows such as The Jeffersons and Amen. Details of his death have not been released. He had no wife or children but leaves behind generations of fans and admirers who loved his work as a black actor.

**NEW VIDEO** @NoMalice757 - "Unforgettable" feat: @LifeDutchee ...Malice of The Clipse continues the legecy!!!

If you have been a Clipse fan for awhile like me, you come to expect them to be consistent when it comes to delivering hard hitting coke tales and messages of truth in each song. Malice is continuing to keep this legacy alive as he drops the single for his new solo album. The song, Unforgettable is an ode to the niche he and brother Pusha T have carved out in Hip Hop as well as a cautionary sermon to the pitfalls of the game as only Malice can preach it. His new album Hear Ye Him is coming soon!

Follow Malice on Twitter @NoMalice757

**NEW MUSIC** @ShabereIsHere - Counterfeit (feat: @BigAEMB )

Follow them on Twitter @ShabereIsHere and @BigAEMB


She was "back again" when Bubble Gum released some years ago.. maybe half a decade or more ago, and hey, she's back again again with "Marry Me"-- or is it because of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

My theory is her bubble gum lost its chew but now VH1 has resurrected another Rasheeda one night stand with mainstream. This track sounds too much like her other shit. She's cool tho but rapping is NOT her future. Back in the day, maybe but now... lets just stick to the lost chew metaphor above.

Anyway, here's the video if you dare. Hot or not?


It's been too long. #mafia

**NEW MUSIC** @YoGottiKOM - I Got Dat Sack Remix (feat: @YoungJeezy @Tip )

This song will keep you turnt up and put a bounce in ya shoulders. Love or hate trap music, it definitely motivates you to go get it. Yo Gotti recruits Jeezy and T.I for an all out trap-a-thon of an event!

**NEW MUSIC** @RealWizKhalifa - Far From Coach (feat: @TheGame @StatQuo)

Wiz Khalifa drops the new single from his album O.N.I.F.C due out August 28th. It features The Game and the long lost Stat Quo LOL. Where the hell Stat Quo been at? Well he ain't missed a beat as the three cruise over smooth production.

**NEW MUSIC** @2Chainz - Birthday Song (feat: @KanyeWest ) IF U HAVE A SYSTEM IN DA RIDE, U BOUT 2 B IN LOVE!!!

2 Chainz continues to make his power moves in the industry. Love or hate trap music, this guy isn't going anywhere anytime song. So all you Hip Hop heads go buy you a Louie scarf, a bag of weed that cost $50 a gram and a shirt that you can't afford. Tity Boi joins swag champ Kanye West for a club banger called Birthday Song, the second single off of 2 Chainz debut album Based on a T.R.U Story due out August 14th. I just went "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" cuz Kanye murdered it while I was writing LOL

Monday, July 23, 2012


What happens when you get an expert panel of judges together to choose the best of over 150 submissions for a remix?? You get a torn panel and ultimately 11 crazy 16’s chosen to put together on an extended G-Mix!

Call Me Up G-Mix coming this Summer featuring some of the hottest artist around!!!! 



It gave me energy so here it goes! Personally it may be a tad bit better than the orginal... maybe not but I know Sav & Bwoi def could do a better performance. *insider* At the end of the day, I def could see all 3 dudes on a track together. Oh, and s/o to @MaineDollarz on the video production.

Kanye West and GOOD Music Complex magazine cover!!! WOW REALLY!!! How conservative SMH LOL

I find it strange that Cyhi The Prynce is signed to the label and didn't make the cover. Yet at the same time, 2 Chainz is not an official signee and is sandwiched between two Legends in the photo?? Ha Ha (self pat on the back for my play on words...*in my corny rapper voice*) The anticipation continues to build as we inch closer to the release of Cruel Summer the GOOD Music compilation album. CHECK OUT THE COMPLEX MAGAZINE STORY HERE!

**UPDATE** The album has been pushed back from its original August 7th date to September 4th. Ahhhh Cruel Summer indeed!!!

**NEWS** @LilTunechi @DJdrama @Lloydbanks @CurrenSy_spitta @RealWizKhalifa MIXTAPE NEWS

You fiending for some new Lil Wayne music? Better yet, you wanna hear some "mixtape Weezy"? Have no fear, Lil Wayne will not only be hitting you in the head with a new mixtape, he will be doing with DJ Drama by dropping Dedication 4. The two haven't dropped a mixtape together since 2008. The mixtape will reportedly drop


Lloyd Banks is back on the scene. His new mixtape V6: The Gift hits the streets tomorrow (July 24). The G-Unit buzz and brand isn't what it once was. At the height of their run, this would have been a Must Hear Mixtape. However when put in position to shine, Banks has always shown an ability to shine and stay hungry. Check back tomorrow for the mixtape review!


Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa fans will be thrilled to know that the two are commemorating the 3rd anniversary of their classic collaboration mixtape How Fly with another collab mixtape. August 9th the two MCs will drop a 7 song treat for fans entitled Live In Concert. The kicker: rumor has it that the two recorded the songs in 48 hours!!! In the meantime, if you are a Hip Hop head, you should have heard Curren$y's new mixtape with producer Harry Fraud entitled Cigarette Boat. If you haven't CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

@Slaughterhouse is STUPID NICE!!! Check out the BET Backroom Freestyle w/ @DJpremier WOW!!!

There isn't a Hip Hop head on this planet that isn't rooting for Slaughterhouse to do some real nice Billboard numbers. Its rare to hear real lyricists get commercial burn. I'm definitely going to do my part on August 28th. I'm headed to the store to buy welcome to: OUR HOUSE. Ok Ok Ok I'm going to buy it on August 29th a day after I rock the bootleg for a couple rides around town. LOL I love where Hip Hop is right now!

Hopefully all these Hip Hop heads that complain about MMG and Young Money all day will shut the fuck up and go support it. 4 dudes with straight fire on the microphone is hard to find let alone in one group. If you need an appetizer before the meal, its not a problem. Joe Budden, Royce 5'9, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I all hit up BET's Backroom and ripped freestyles with DJ Premiere. CHECK IT OUT BELOW

Friday, July 20, 2012

**NEW** @RickyRozay - 3 Kings (feat: @S_C_ and @DrDre ) Did Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre drop a classic or a dud?

Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre on one track is definitely a monumental must hear moment. With that much talent, they could fall out of bed with morning breathe and make a decent track better than most rappers. Unfortunately, it sounds like thats exactly what they did! While the song is far from lame, the energy was not up to par for what Hip Hop expects from either of the artist. All three have achieved a status in Hip Hop that APPEARS to be beyond critique. 2 are absolute legends and Ross is well on his way. So one has to question if the hunger still burns inside of them. The song was sooooooo lazy and uninspired. Where the fuck was the emotion? I guess these guys think they can spoon feed us anything they want and we will appreciate it. The beat was hot. The verses were ok. But, "hot" and "ok" are not descriptive verbiage we apply to legends. So all I can say is, "Thanks for the moment but no thanks"



For my readers not familiar with the city I'm based out of, the Greenville Grammys was introduced a few years back to recognize and appreciate citizens within Greenville North Carolina who participate in bringing life and love into the city. In sarcasm, this means people who actually do things aside from sit around and complain about what the town changes. This includes car, truck, bike and social clubs who have created successful organizations; hair stylists and barber who run their own business; and of course promoters who participate in the community and help with fun & safe events.

With that said, we ask you VOTE Wet Set Productions for PROMOTER OF THE YEAR. Just click HERE and write your nomination on the event wall. 

We understand that some citizens of Greenville will want to vote for a club promoter but if you want to know why you should nominate us, we are a team of over 20 females that grind in and OUT of Greenville NC across the East Coast. I, myself have promoted events and parties and within the music business for over 10 years and currently and running this website, marketing a project with NC Producer Manifest for a "State Property EP" f. Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Young Gunz, is sponsoring the Queen CIty Awards in December in Charlotte and hopefully will soon be writing for Yo!Raps Magazine in Europe. Our Vice President is currently located in New York City running campaigns for national recording artist Ray Lavendar and runs promotions for Wet Set for ASCAP and publishing for A&R Live. Our ladies consist or hair stylists, models, PRs, radio personalities, singers, rappers, and promoters. We have made the nomination list for the SMES in 2009, the NCUMA's in 2010 and 2011 and previously won a Greenville Grammy in 2010.

pro·mot·er  (pr-mtr) noun -
1. a person or thing that promotes
2. a person who helps to organize, develop, or finance an undertaking
3. (General Sporting Terms) a person who organizes and finances a sporting event, esp a boxing match
Whomever you nominate, I/we still thanks for all the continued support over the years. Although we are not club promoters primarily in Greenville, we thank all the promoters and DJs across the Carolina's who have contacted us to sponsor, or promote or host their events. We are proud to have helped coordinate, promote and organize many parties, showcases and car shows.
We'd like to thank our sponsors: 
-ChromeRelated.com (a social network for car/truck/bike/social clubs)
-MafiaMixtapes.com (nation-wide viral mixtape distributor; Follow @MafiaMixtapes1)
-EventLevel.com/TrapHouse (Most popular internet radio show Monday nights @ 10pm w/ Z Nuff Starr & Ms. LB)
-Incognito Clothing (popular custom screen printing and embroidery clothing line based out of Goldsboro, NC; Follow @shirtsbymike)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

**NEWS** @TheGame calls off his wedding

With only 10 days before his wedding, The Game made an unfortunate announcement via Twitter. He and fiancee, Tiffany Cambridge have called off the wedding. If you have been following The Game on Twitter, he has been updating his fans daily as he partied in Europe. There is no news to the reason why he and Cambridge are no longer marrying but it definitely comes as a surprise. The two were scheduled to star in a reality show that chronicled the couple's relationship in the time before they tied the knot. Our prayers go out to The Game and Cambridge. Love conquers all and hopefully it will fight for yall.

Tweets from @TheGame

**NEW MUSIC** @TalibKweli - Push Thru (f/ @CurrenSy_spitta and @KendrickLamar ) FIRE!!!

I'm not even gonna give you commentary. Just listen to 3 of the best lyricists in the game motivate you to Push Thru!

**NEWS** Former Cash Money star sentenced to 14 years in federal prison!

Former Cash Money rapper BG was sentenced to 14 years in prison for gun possession and witness tampering. Nola.com reports that BG, whose real name is Christopher Dorsey sat in court yesterday (July 18) in a wheelchair and an orange jail suit to receive his sentence. The reason for the wheelchair is unknown at the time.

The former Hot Boy was arrested after a 2009 traffic stop pleaded guilty to being in possession of a firearm. Already being a felon, he later obstructed justice by convincing one of his associates to claim ownership of the gun. He was arrested with Demounde Pollard, 20, and Jerod Fedison, 30, and prosecutors made it clear that BG was claiming responsibility for his crimes but was not cooperating. The prosecution was seeking 25 years citing BG's past criminal record and his music as a basis for a lengthier sentence. Additionally, the prosecution claimed BG's music allowed him to profit "off of New Orleans' "cycle of violence."

BG signed to Cash Money records in 1993 at the age of 13 as one half of a duo with Lil Wayne. At the height of his success, his second album, Chopper City In The Ghetto, went platinum in 1999 and spawned the hit song "Bling Bling" which introduced the world to the now popular Hip Hop term. Also that same year, he scored a platinum album plaque with The Hot Boyz, a group consisting of BG, Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Turk. He would later leave Cash Money citing issues of being cheated out of money as the reason. He would go to drop albums to mild success but always remaining true to his New Orleans roots. His music will be missed these next 14 years. Hold ya head B Gizzle!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

**NEW MUSIC** @CyhiThePrynce - SMOKE & DRANK (feat: @BIGKRIT and @Yelawolf )

From Cyhi The Prynce's new mixtape "Ivy League Club" DOWNLOAD IT HERE


DJ Scream - Hood Rich Anthem (f/ 2 Chainz, Future, Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti)

I'm not going to stunt like the 5 rappers on this song are ferocious lyricists on the mic. In fact, lyricism is usually the last thing you associate with artist like 2 Chainz, Future, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti. However, down in The South life is summed up in these 6 words, PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN AND GRIND! So the music we prefer is hard hitting and turnt up to keep us motivated all week to do the working, the hustling, the trapping or the grinding we need to do. Trap music is motivation not lyricism. And if you doubt that check the money these guys make and the families they feed. Everybody good! But even the motivation should have some type of standard assigned to it. Here is what happens when the motivation is pushed to the side and showing out becomes more important than going hard.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Just in case you have been hating the Dirty South for awhile or just plain ignored 8Ball and MJG, here is a news flash for you. THEM NIGGAS CAN RAP THEY ASS OFF!!! *in my real life country voice* For a solid 20 years, 8Ball and MJG have been delivering raw unedited street tales of Dirty South dope boys and trap ambitions. With 20 years under the belt, 8Ball is set to drop another solo album next Tuesday (July 24th). Though some of you may ignore 8Ball's next album, Life's Quest, here is a reason you shouldn't. The song below is entitled "Lucky's Theme Song". It is vintage 8Ball as he spits a tale of a Dirty South dope boy who awakes to find jack boys in his house looking for "the shit." Beyond the surface material of drug dealing and hustling that most rappers only scratch, 8Ball delves deep into the emotion of being tied up and robbed by painting a picture so vivid you can soak into the scene yourself and live every word. Quit hatin' Da Souf! Lyricism has been and always will be alive in Memphis, Tennessee thanks to Premro Smith aka 8Ball.

Order Life's Quest on iTunes http://ow.ly/c8TJK

[ALBUM REVIEW] Did @Nas drop the best album of 2012???

Nas - Life is Good LP receives .9 out of 1 full gram

Nasir Jones has experienced his own fair share of ups and downs. He is after all just a man. His personal and professional life is a catalog of tears and triumph. Through it all, it has been his artistry and superb lyrical ability that has earned him a throne in Hip Hop's pantheon. Since his 1994 debut, Nas has been a wordsmith second to none. His music grew side by side with his personal life taking on the tones of struggle, success, gangsterism, glamour, personal loss, retribution, fatherhood and marriage as he experienced them. The hustler became a king! Even still, no matter how much his life changed or the sonic sound of production changed, Nas remained sharp with the pen and pad spitting fire on everything at everything about everything. Some rank him as the greatest MC to ever do it! Most consider him top 5 all time! That's just the glory you receive when you have dropped 9 albums that have always been honest and true to self.

Life is Good is the 10th solo effort by Nas (11 if you are like me and count The Lost Tapes) and remains true to Nas' life like the first 9. Life finds the Queensbridge rapper in an interesting space. He is a father for a second time, divorced from his wife Kelis and pushing 40 years old while living the good life. On the first track, No Introduction, Nas paints his picture with honesty and swagger as only Nas can, "Worth 200 million now, bi-centennial nigga/ Flat screens in condominiums/ Brazilian women/ On zanies/ She pulling off panties/ I'm pushing 40, she only 21, don't applaud me"

Rarely do MCs who have achieved longevity drop a polished gem late in their career that gathers the most loved elements of their previous albums and welds them together. Nas does though! Life is Good gathers together the lyricism of Illmatic and God Son, the energy of It Was Written and Stillmatic, the sonic experimentation of I Am, Nastradamus and Street Disciple, and blends them with the growth and maturity of Hip Hop Is Dead and Untitled. The album is journey from Queensbridge projects to whatever champagne VIP section Mr. Jones is sitting in on the album cover. There is vintage Nas-fire on tracks such as A Queens Story, the Mary J. Blige assisted Reach Out, Back When and Loco-Motive on which he dedicates to the "trapped in the 90s niggas." However, none of the aforementioned will plunge you into nostalgia like You Wouldn't Understand. The song is a smooth, sweet 80s-styled harmony that forces the listener to close their eyes and feel the breeze. Go ahead and toast and imaginary glass of champagne while no one is looking! The track is so vintage classic you expect AZ to come out and do a verse with God Son.

For Hip Hop heads, the fact that production on a Nas album is superbly done from start to finish is cause for celebration. Nas has longed been plagued with never really piecing together brilliant production on a complete album. Not this time! Backed by No ID and long time collaborator Salaam Remi, Life is Good fits together perfect. And since Nas always delivers when it comes to lyricism and content, magic happens. On Daughters, Nas addresses the pressures of raising a young girl turning young woman in this day and age. The songs displays the open book of Nas' life as a father and also his relevance and connection with his fanbase. Even the Rick Ross assisted Accident Murderers is a successful attempt to bridge yesterday to today remaining true to Nas' standard of content despite the high profile feature of Ross.

Even when Nas experiments with more current soundscapes, he does so with vintage Nas lyricism and style. The Don and Summer On Smash test the waters. The latter features Swizz and Miguel and feels forced by the label. Fortunately for Nas all that means is that Life is Good comes complete with a club banger. Die hard Nas fans may feel that the song is being force fed to them but its placement on the tracklist picks up the energy of the album. Especially, since it follows the most polished gem on the entire album, World's An Addiction. The song finds Nas and Anthony Hamilton standing at the pulpit delivering a sermon on the vices that plague this world. God Son touches on the pitfalls of gun violence, sexual deviance, drug and alcohol abuse and materialism. While most rappers do much to glorify those subjects, Nas attacks it with maturity and venom, "So many vices, habits/ mine of course, bad chicks/ My response to any advice/ on what is the essentials of life/ I'm just rebellious, not selfish/ Guess we all share different definitions of what wealth is/ I need the best things in life/ that's women, that’s cars, Cigars in Venice, bottle on ice..."

The album closes out on a smooth jazzy note. Stay and Cherry Wine are elegant and relaxing. Cherry Wine features the late Amy Winehouse who blends perfectly into the mood of the Nas' current life of looking for love. Nasir closes the album with a personal look into his breakup and divorce with Kelis on Bye Baby. The Guy-sampled song is an honest look at Nas' infidelity and character as a good man.

Life is Good is perfect! The only reason I won't give him a perfect 1 gram is because I wanted this album 5-6 years ago when he first signed with Def Jam. In fact, timing is everything. The album could very well influence the culture to move toward different styles and content matter as most classic albums do. Unfortunately, Hip Hop is moving is different directions. However as far as Hip Hop heads are concerned the album is classic. I doubt it will achieve that status but had it been released 5 or 10 years ago, YES SIR!!! Life is good and Life is Good is outstanding!

Monday, July 16, 2012


All I need to say is "wow". The video speaks for me. I mean, MAYBE they did get they money back plus, I'm not sure but it looks like a great turnout and I heard it was a pretty good turnout. So, I guess it only matters because the club did good business but c'mon son... I should get hype from watching you. EVEN on video.

First here's the actual song. Nice.

Now here's his performance of the song. Booooooo!

Video courtesy of King Pen Productions (c)


I keep tabs on all clients, past and future and especially if they are within my market. From the outer banks to the mountains of North Carolina, however, the leaks and rumors aren't the same as they are in other markets. Labels are always within our border lines and there are many contracts signed. As I work and wait for release dates and/or updates from these contracts I watch and I learn. I've learned that the artists I've watched over the past 10 years that signed the first contract  put in their face, gets the most media AFTER the deal went wrong or just didn't work out.

There's the stories of all the Dip Set sub-labels and their broken promises, the story of the Jive record artist who got shelved, the story of the singer who could find another hit, the story of the platinum rapper who basically put himself in jail, the stories of resurrected labels making promises but no promotion, and even stories of the ex A&R allowing brands to be used in their name for publicity stunts. But what you never hear are the stories of the artists who has seen every label office, met every major lawyer, and set a standard that has not only kept them consistent but kept them respected.

In a nut shell, Derty Den has had Jay Z conferencing about "Fly Shit" f/ Gorilla Zoe, has had 50 Cent "borrow" a beat and a bar, and has every major label give him a stamp of approval. Only thing they won't give is a fair deal. I've had the privilege to work with this artist for 3 years and counting. Although currently I am working at a distance with him until some paperwork clears, I find myself writing this article and patting myself on the back. Yes, he is an asshole, the asshole in me is to blame for our big business breakup earlier this year but, in reality business is business. I continue to support him and his decisions and now that our heads are clear, I hope I'm not virtually attacked for leaking this information. #kanyeshrug

The highly anticipated and long awaited Limitless album finally getting another release date, which is August 28 2012. Great date since its mid 3rd Qtr. Paperwork should clear way before then and I'm definitely heading this project in this market and the team he has lined up is amazing. On another note there is a rumor that I cant quite get confirmed that he may be signing some kind of deal with Maybach Music Group or Bad Boy. My Vice President and business partner @Shae_FootePR, who is now located mainly in NY met up with Derty Den in New York City a few weeks back on a business trip from Atlanta. Apparently he did a session for a track in the Roc Nation studios and some label executives from either Bad Boy or MMG (ironically they are kinda similar, so you'd think I could figure it out lol I will soon tho) paid a visit. Soon as I know more, you'll know more.

Follow @DertyDen

Check out the official video for the first track released from Limitless below

His latest press is from All Hip Hop with the premier of "Ya Boy is Back" and his last NC appearance was in Fayetteville along with @Plies

Congrats @JManifestNC @YoungDirt @Mic_Rose1 & @AshleyMarShell x 2012 Carolina Music Awards

Wet Set & CMA Coordinator, Super O
Relax, no need to gossip. This year I am not here to talk about how bad the beer was or criticize an evening at one of many of North Carolina's Award shows. In fact, my physical presence wasn't in attendance but I mos def had eyes in the building. At first  wasn't going to write on this, but the past couple weeks have been quite interesting. The top winners were all people I've recently co-signed and featured/interviewed- not to mention FINALLY getting a picture with the one and only Super O.

First off, big up to my producer, my big brother & mentor Manifest for bringing home 2012 Producer of the Year. Told you it was coming home to M.E. Music Works!

Big shout out to Young Dirt for Best Male Artist!! He has a great team and his management's radio show sponsors this website! I JUST did a feature on him HERE for his "Rising Fame".

Hug shout out to Mike Rose for Best New Artist, I told yall he was going to get it. I told you all to watch out for this dude. He is a problem. I also JUST recently featured an article on him last week. Check out the article and his music HERE.

Finally a super big shout out to my girl Ashley MarShell for Best R&B singer!! This girl can "sang"!

In conclusion, the 2013 Awards are already being setup. I heard the Budweiser sponsor sign on the projector was bigger this year. Maybe my media presence will finally grant me an official invite to come blog and broadcast live from the Awards. I mean, EVERYBODY cant wait to hear what I have to say about any Award show in the South East. Especially in NC. Now i'm going to be social media observing to catch quotes from the "loosers" mouths.

Remember, media & press MAKE an artist. Don't question HOW anyone won. Ask yourself WHY didn't you win? Media always wins, whether the Carolina Music Awards or the Grammys. Do your research! See you 3rd Qtr 2013!

**NEW MUSIC** @Nas - World's An Addiction ( f/ Anthony Hamilton)

There aren't too many artist who can get me hype about a pending release. There may be less than 10 MCs/groups that command that type of energy. Nas is one of those artist. His powerful lyricism has been polarizing for almost 2 decades. In a Hip Hop world where twitpics, beef and run ins with law enforcement make an MC noticable, its refreshing to know that nothing sustains endurance more than good ol fashion skills. Nas drops Life is Good tomorrow (July 17). It will be his 10th solo album (11th if you count The Lost Tapes) and his 3rd since joining Def Jam. Here is an 11th hour treat for you Nas fans...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

**NEW MUSIC** @LloydBanks - "Bring It Back" (feat: @MyFabolousLife )

Lloyd Banks "Bring It Back" featuring Fabolous from the upcoming Lloyd Banks mixtape "V6"

**NEWS** @Rihanna GOES BACK TO HER EX!!!... @ChrisBrown OR @Drake ???

A month after their infamous fight at W.i.P Nightclub in NYC,  Chris Brown and Drake are returning to their normal lives and things are dying back down. Its good to see them get back to music and making money. There is too much money and glory to chase in the music business to be worried about drama and bullshit. Unfortunately for Chris Brown, Drake gets to get back to the money and the music plus he walks away with the girl. It seems Rihanna has made a choice between the two stars. The British Sun newspaper is reporting that Rihanna has booked a $100K weeklong cruise on the French Riviera with Drake and a few friends.

According to The British Sun's source, "Rihanna is determined to live life to the full following her grandma's death and decided to give it another go with Drake." OOOOO Ouch Chris!

There isn't much information on Rihanna and Drake's relationship. It sort of came out of the blue along with a few hit songs the two had together. However, the source did reveal a small tidbit of information as to why the two split in the first place. Apparently, Drake is just as sensitive and sweet as we all thought (Common's words not mine LOL). The source revealed that, "In the past he'd moan that she wouldn't commit and was working all the time... But she's up for trying again." Well whatever the case, I hope the two find love and happiness out there on the Mediterranean Sea. May your pain be champagne!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

**NEWS** @YoungBuck sentenced to 3 years + VIEW INTENTORY LIST OF @YOUNGBUCK I.R.S AUCTION

Young Buck was sentenced yesterday (July 14) to 3 years in prison after being convicted for possessing weapons despite being a convicted felon. A .40 calibur Glock 22 and ammunition were found in his Tennesee home when federal IRS agents raided his home in 2010 because he failed to pay over $300,000 in taxes. Though he was sentenced to 3 years, Buck will only serve 18 months. Hold your head Buck! Young Buck has been grinding constantly since his fallout with 50 Cent and G-Unit. His latest mixtape G.A.S  is available for purchase and download. Can't keep a trill nigga down so we know Buck is going to come home with a renewed outlook and hunger.



Here are the Young Buck items to be put up for auction. For full details on the auction including date and time CLICK HERE!