Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[4TH OF JULY BOOMBOX] **NEW 50 Cent** - Leave The Lights On


Say what you say about 50 Cent, there was a time in Hip Hop culture when the man could do no wrong. Unfortunately for 50, a bully can only stay popular for so long until his bullying makes him unpopular. Ahhhhh the politics of high school finally translates to real life LOL! Between dissing every rapper Hip Hop fans adore and becoming disgustingly wealthy, Fif's talent for brutal honesty and aggressive thought has gone ignored. His music had remained honest and entertaining despite fan indifference. Hey I still like him because he does the exact same things I would do if I was rich and bored. Still, its hard to find a lot of people who still like 50 any more. Well, I'd like to remind you that you used to like 50 Cent....and he ain't the one who changed. Check out his new song from his new album 5 (Murder By Numbers). Its a jazz/blues infused track filled with the typical "50 Cent stunting on you"-type lyrics. Sonically, its something different from what we expect from him.

5 (Murder By Numbers) coming out for free download Friday July 6th on

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