Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Performance video from back in the days. This was my first big project out of the E-NC. All the artists featured on this track and shown performing on Mrytle Beach at the SMES Awards (read SMES review here) in Sept 2010 are all still doing big things. Question is? Is it possible to see them all in the same studio again?

This industry can make or break you and during the process of "gettin on", shit happens. This Everybody Working track put everybody involved "on". In the process, everyone has gone their own ways. Some signed to other labels, some took the fame to the head and really thought they were "on" big time, some took the title and made it a brand, and some have been laying low. Regardless, Wet Set and i still remain a supporter to all involve that have allowed us in their careers. Which is technically all the artists and producers. Any others, well, lets just say good luck to them. We're just proud to say we did marketing for it.

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