Monday, July 16, 2012


I keep tabs on all clients, past and future and especially if they are within my market. From the outer banks to the mountains of North Carolina, however, the leaks and rumors aren't the same as they are in other markets. Labels are always within our border lines and there are many contracts signed. As I work and wait for release dates and/or updates from these contracts I watch and I learn. I've learned that the artists I've watched over the past 10 years that signed the first contract  put in their face, gets the most media AFTER the deal went wrong or just didn't work out.

There's the stories of all the Dip Set sub-labels and their broken promises, the story of the Jive record artist who got shelved, the story of the singer who could find another hit, the story of the platinum rapper who basically put himself in jail, the stories of resurrected labels making promises but no promotion, and even stories of the ex A&R allowing brands to be used in their name for publicity stunts. But what you never hear are the stories of the artists who has seen every label office, met every major lawyer, and set a standard that has not only kept them consistent but kept them respected.

In a nut shell, Derty Den has had Jay Z conferencing about "Fly Shit" f/ Gorilla Zoe, has had 50 Cent "borrow" a beat and a bar, and has every major label give him a stamp of approval. Only thing they won't give is a fair deal. I've had the privilege to work with this artist for 3 years and counting. Although currently I am working at a distance with him until some paperwork clears, I find myself writing this article and patting myself on the back. Yes, he is an asshole, the asshole in me is to blame for our big business breakup earlier this year but, in reality business is business. I continue to support him and his decisions and now that our heads are clear, I hope I'm not virtually attacked for leaking this information. #kanyeshrug

The highly anticipated and long awaited Limitless album finally getting another release date, which is August 28 2012. Great date since its mid 3rd Qtr. Paperwork should clear way before then and I'm definitely heading this project in this market and the team he has lined up is amazing. On another note there is a rumor that I cant quite get confirmed that he may be signing some kind of deal with Maybach Music Group or Bad Boy. My Vice President and business partner @Shae_FootePR, who is now located mainly in NY met up with Derty Den in New York City a few weeks back on a business trip from Atlanta. Apparently he did a session for a track in the Roc Nation studios and some label executives from either Bad Boy or MMG (ironically they are kinda similar, so you'd think I could figure it out lol I will soon tho) paid a visit. Soon as I know more, you'll know more.

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Check out the official video for the first track released from Limitless below

His latest press is from All Hip Hop with the premier of "Ya Boy is Back" and his last NC appearance was in Fayetteville along with @Plies

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