Friday, July 27, 2012


The city known as G-Vegas and notorious for always making the top 10 list with a school that parties the most within the US (East Carolina University) was now the talk of the Twitter world the morning of 7/27. Greenville, NC was sadly called out by Mr. Kevin Hart himself on the night of 7/26 around 10:30pm as having a "fake event" and calls I-95 Norf, Major Moves Entertainment and Skyy Bar "Janky Promoters".

You may ask, "why feature this like its real news" or ask "why are you hating because maybe it was bad communication". No. Its not hating, its protecting MY fan base. So technically its my job to get this news to everyone. This city has a history of "janky promoters" since the late Shawn Mack of Club Dynasty passed away and I, for one, have always been the vocal "truth' for the citizens in my circle that reside in this city.  The club night life around here just doesn't match up to my business ethics and it's situations like this with club owners that made me turn Wet Set away from Club Promotions once this same city shut down Club Faces in 2010.

I've seen the Skyy Bar club owner come into my job and place flyers for this events with a big grin on his face. I've seen some of my Wet Set girls in Beaufort County and Martin County get a little excited when the flyers pop up in their cities. I mean, its fuckin Kevin Hart. I love Kevin Hart. But something just didn't sit right with me. A couple weeks back I posted on my Facebook that he'd probably "only show up for a walk through then bounce". Now, it's actually worse than I suspected. Kevin hart will not be there at all and I'm saving hundreds of people from going to spend $40 to be at this bar from 4pm til 2am waiting to see Kevin Hart.

If you going to run a club, run it like a business. Janky promoters should not be labled upon your establishment. Overcharging the good promoters just to fill your pockets and hiring bad promoters just because they can scheme along with you is just going to bring bad karma. I've tried to get in touch with this Club Owner and of course, no response. Which I expected. He's known me since Club Dynasty turned into Club Gas and yet, pretends to not know who I am time after time. Well sir, maybe now you will remember. Follow me on Twitter, @Meettheconnect

Front of flyer

Back of flyer


  1. Check the link...Kevin Hart gonna be in Canada that day! SMH

  2. LOL! CANADA?!

  3. I took the liberty of riding past Skyy Bar on last night and it was sad to see. I don't know what was more sad; the handful of cars there or the fact that there were people that still went out there at all. I've seen some shady things in promotions in my day but this takes the cake in Greenville. I'm thankful for real people like you that not only strive for excellence but that are not afraid to shine the light of this type madness.