Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mobb Deep breakup??? @ProdigyMobbDeep and @TheRealHavoc are on "indefinite hiatus"

Mobb Deep fans were shocked last April when Havoc's Twitter page was allegedly hacked. In the hacked Twitter post, Havoc went on a long rant about Prodigy being a pussy and being fucked while he was in prison. After the rant, Prodigy came out to denounce the Twitter rant as false by telling the world Havoc's phone and Twitter account was hacked. This was later confirmed by Havoc's publicist.

Well the bullshit is out of the bag! Three months later, Havoc has confirmed that those tweets came directly from him and that Mobb Deep is on an indefinite break.

"The tweets is crazy, you know what I'm saying" he told "I believe that Twitter is not the place to resolve any type of beef that you have with anybody. So I will say those is the reasons why I retracted my statement. I had love for the fans you know what I'm saying. And I was speaking of a standpoint of being mad. BUT still being truthful of how I felt. But it was just the wrong thing to do at the time."

Havoc says that Mobb Deep is currently inactive and that the truth will come out regarding what went down between him and Prodigy. "Right now Mobb Deep is on hiatus, indefinitely…until things get hashed out,” he said. “Eventually, the real story will come out; there’s two sides to every story. Only one has been spoken for.”

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  1. The truth will come out soon enuff!