Monday, July 2, 2012

**NEW MUSIC** @Nas drops a No ID produced gem featuring @PLargePro!!! INSTANT CLASSIC

Nas- Life is Good in stores 7/17
Throughout the day, I go about my day to day routine pausing only for a few minutes from my schedule to collect important Hip Hop news to put together for my daily news blog. I went to the gym. I got my license plate renewal. I made sure the wifey got to work. I made sure the mortgage is paid. But every now and then, something drops that is worthy of its own feature outside of my Daily Hip Hop News. Then, I put my day on hold and do my part in delivering Hip Hop culture to anyone who will listen. Well motherfuckers....NEWS FUCKING FLASH!!!....arguably the greatest lyricist EVER decided to drop a teaser to his highly anticipated album due in 2 weeks. Nas released a new song on his SoundCloud account today. The song entitled Loco-motive, a polished gem from super-producer No ID. As a hardcore Nas fan (yeah a nigga got excellent taste in Hip Hop LOL), the song reminds me of venomous lyrical mic assaults seldom seen anymore. In fact, Nas boasts at the end of the track "this is for my trapped in the 90s niggas." The song even pisses me off considered die hard fans have often wondered what Nas could do when paired with high level producers. I applaud him for showing love to the lesser known producers in his career because thats just what real niggas do; show love. But dammit if this song isn't an example of high octane Hip Hop that Mr. Jones is capable of delivering 10 out of 10 times when given the top notch production. Shout out to Large Professor who also appears on the cut. Hopefully, the track will appear on Nas' upcoming album Life is Good due out July 17th. However, I'm slightly, slightly meaning a lot, biased in reviewing Nas songs so you tell me if its hot!

Tell us what you think of Loco-motive. Whats the producer you want to hear Nas rock with?

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