Sunday, July 15, 2012

**NEWS** @Rihanna GOES BACK TO HER EX!!!... @ChrisBrown OR @Drake ???

A month after their infamous fight at W.i.P Nightclub in NYC,  Chris Brown and Drake are returning to their normal lives and things are dying back down. Its good to see them get back to music and making money. There is too much money and glory to chase in the music business to be worried about drama and bullshit. Unfortunately for Chris Brown, Drake gets to get back to the money and the music plus he walks away with the girl. It seems Rihanna has made a choice between the two stars. The British Sun newspaper is reporting that Rihanna has booked a $100K weeklong cruise on the French Riviera with Drake and a few friends.

According to The British Sun's source, "Rihanna is determined to live life to the full following her grandma's death and decided to give it another go with Drake." OOOOO Ouch Chris!

There isn't much information on Rihanna and Drake's relationship. It sort of came out of the blue along with a few hit songs the two had together. However, the source did reveal a small tidbit of information as to why the two split in the first place. Apparently, Drake is just as sensitive and sweet as we all thought (Common's words not mine LOL). The source revealed that, "In the past he'd moan that she wouldn't commit and was working all the time... But she's up for trying again." Well whatever the case, I hope the two find love and happiness out there on the Mediterranean Sea. May your pain be champagne!


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