Sunday, July 1, 2012

OH SHIT!!! @chrisbrown FIRES SHOTS AT @drake

Lets keep it 100! Until Drake or Chris Brown say otherwise, all the public can see is two grown men fighting over pussy. I don't know how you get down but, I have condoned throwing fist over a female. And I damn sure ain't throwing no bottles in the club over a female. Needless to say, Rhianna must have the bommmmmb pussy. Never in the history of niggadom have I ever seen two multi-millionaires fight over a female that didn't claim either of them. So unless one of these dudes is secretly engaged to Rhianna and we don't know about it, both of these guys look ridiculously lame. On the otherhand, throw a bottle at me in the club and we definitely have beef until I say we don't anymore. In that regard, I understand why Chris Brown has decided to come out with swinging at Drake on a remix of Chief Keef's I Don't Like. What really surprised me was how direct and how hot Chris Brown's verse was. I gotta give it to Breezy; he held his own and went at him hard. Now if ACTUAL rappers would take a note from Breezy and go at their beefs fist up instead of subliminal and indirect the world would be a better place HA! All I can say is..."CHRIS BREEZY I SEE YA DADDY" LOL

Listen to the remix and tell us what you think of Chris Brown's verse.
Who had the best verse on the remix?

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