Sunday, July 8, 2012


Here is the full video!


The Game-----ahhhhh where do I begin? The Compton rapper has a magnetic draw to beef and altercation. Early this morning (July 8) he threw hands with Infamous signee and G-Unit associate 40 Glocc. The two engaged in a physical altercation after a mansion party in LA. The kicker is that The Game recorded a portion of the altercation on his iphone. While 40 Glocc alleges he was jumped by 10+ people from Black Wall Street including The Game, the video only shows 40 Glocc and the voice of Game who is recording on his iphone. There are also claims by 40 Glocc of pistols being pulled out though those are not shown on video either. CHECK THE VIDEO OUT...

While its obvious the video was edited, it clearly shows Game running up on Big Bad 40 and assaulting him. 40 manages to get away while The Game chases. Afterwards in true social network fashion the two rappers took to Twitter to tell their side of the story, make fun of each other and claim whatever props there is to be had from this incident. CHECKOUT THE TWEETS...

Click HERE to see what 40 Glocc looked like after fight.

Click HERE to see The Game's shoes after fight.

Hip Hop is a breeding ground of aggression and competition. Add to that that many of Hip Hop's movers and shakers are street niggas with criminal and sometimes violent backgrounds and its no wonder altercations like this happen. When these circumstances collide, its difficult for Hip Hop to handle disrespect with non-violent reaction. Whatever the case, the stakes are money and power to control one's destiny. There will be confrontation. However, both guys better keep their eyes on the paper and focus on taking care of their families. There is also a strong gangbanging history piggybacking the two artists. Taking care of one's family takes on a stronger meaning when colors are involved. I say HEY street niggas is gonna beef!!! But when street niggas become family men and executives they have the responsibility to be leaders. Lets just hope they do right by the street and by Hip Hop and handle it like real Gs! Worldstar and Twitter ain't G....its just entertainment! Enjoy the show and hope dumb shit and ignorance take the lead over family and money.

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