Friday, July 20, 2012


For my readers not familiar with the city I'm based out of, the Greenville Grammys was introduced a few years back to recognize and appreciate citizens within Greenville North Carolina who participate in bringing life and love into the city. In sarcasm, this means people who actually do things aside from sit around and complain about what the town changes. This includes car, truck, bike and social clubs who have created successful organizations; hair stylists and barber who run their own business; and of course promoters who participate in the community and help with fun & safe events.

With that said, we ask you VOTE Wet Set Productions for PROMOTER OF THE YEAR. Just click HERE and write your nomination on the event wall. 

We understand that some citizens of Greenville will want to vote for a club promoter but if you want to know why you should nominate us, we are a team of over 20 females that grind in and OUT of Greenville NC across the East Coast. I, myself have promoted events and parties and within the music business for over 10 years and currently and running this website, marketing a project with NC Producer Manifest for a "State Property EP" f. Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Young Gunz, is sponsoring the Queen CIty Awards in December in Charlotte and hopefully will soon be writing for Yo!Raps Magazine in Europe. Our Vice President is currently located in New York City running campaigns for national recording artist Ray Lavendar and runs promotions for Wet Set for ASCAP and publishing for A&R Live. Our ladies consist or hair stylists, models, PRs, radio personalities, singers, rappers, and promoters. We have made the nomination list for the SMES in 2009, the NCUMA's in 2010 and 2011 and previously won a Greenville Grammy in 2010.

pro·mot·er  (pr-mtr) noun -
1. a person or thing that promotes
2. a person who helps to organize, develop, or finance an undertaking
3. (General Sporting Terms) a person who organizes and finances a sporting event, esp a boxing match
Whomever you nominate, I/we still thanks for all the continued support over the years. Although we are not club promoters primarily in Greenville, we thank all the promoters and DJs across the Carolina's who have contacted us to sponsor, or promote or host their events. We are proud to have helped coordinate, promote and organize many parties, showcases and car shows.
We'd like to thank our sponsors: (a social network for car/truck/bike/social clubs) (nation-wide viral mixtape distributor; Follow @MafiaMixtapes1) (Most popular internet radio show Monday nights @ 10pm w/ Z Nuff Starr & Ms. LB)
-Incognito Clothing (popular custom screen printing and embroidery clothing line based out of Goldsboro, NC; Follow @shirtsbymike)

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