Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Club where @ChrisBrown and @Drake fought files $16 million lawsuit against them!!! DAMNNNN!!!

New York Daily News is reporting that the owners of Greenhouse, the club that shares space, owners and a liquor license with W.I.P bar, have filed a $16 million lawsuit against Chris Brown and Drake. The lawsuit stems from a brawl involving the two artists on June 14th. The highly publicized brawl included bottles being thrown, an injury to NBA San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker for which he filed a $20 million lawsuit, several injured patrons and a temporary loss of the venue's liquor license. Their liquor license has since been restored and the club has returned to business.

NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney's office are still investigating the brawl but have not file any criminal charges. Members of both artist's entourages are listed in the lawsuit but only referred to as John Doe.

New York Daily News reported ealier today that, "...the lawsuit, brought by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., which owns the Greenhouse name, alleges they were directly involved. Brown and Drake “began to fight violently with each other,” according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. “Each ordered his security personnel, bodyguards, friends and entourage to join the fight.” Witnesses said bottles were shattered so they could be used as weapons, and patrons started throwing glasses full of booze. The brouhaha started after Brown sent Drake a bottle of champagne — and Drake sent it back, prompting someone to start tossing ice cubes."

Alledgedly the fight stems from both artist involvement with R&B songstress Rihanna. Both artist have been tight-lipped about the subject in interviews. However, Chris Brown did hop in the studio and record a verse about his feeling about Drake after the fight. CLICK HERE TO HEAR CHRIS BROWN'S FREESTYLE DISSING DRAKE

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