Monday, August 6, 2012


Whether you like her name or not, you cant resist the talent and beauty of one of Carolina's rising female artists. Lumi'Naughty is super sweet and on July 15 she took home the award for Best Hip Hop Female in the 2012 Carolina Music Awards. (I figured putting "Rap" instead of Hip Hop would get more attention.) I've bumped into a bunch of "who is she" and "she came out of no where" convo's and I just laugh. See, if you actually pay attention to this indie industry around here, instead looking for something new to hate, you would've been heard of her before. Hell, I've heard of her but never seen her perform live.

I eventually came across this video, produced by DK Films, and got the best of both. Her performing and it's a great song. It's rare to come across a good song and good video these days when it comes to someone I actually want to feature. The coolest thing is she served in the Marine's AND she does some modeling. #salute Read more about her and her rise to the top in one of the South's most controversial markets HERE.

(Video at bottom)


Next Show: August 31 at SharkBar in Raleigh, NC. CLICK HERE for more details!


  1. love it. Thank you soo much! - LuMi' Naughty

  2. LuMi= "My bubbly sweet side, dancing & smile =-)

    Naughty= "You already know lol... just listen to:

    Mail Call-

    Nothing Less Than Great-