Monday, August 6, 2012

Feels so good to hear new Aaliyah music! Aaliyah feat: @Drake - "Enough Said"

This song is going to be the beginning of Drake's career suicide OR his flirtation with a wonderful wave of creativity. Once you get over your Drake hate, you realize the song is beautiful. However, as it should be, its less about Drake and more about how much we miss Aaliyah and her music. I'm sure Drake knows that. And despite everything that tells me to reject these Drake/Aaliyah mixes, I'm gonna give Drizzy a chance. If he delivers us the Aaliyah fix we have longed for since her passing, I'm gonna give him his props. I WARN YOU THOUGH DRAKE!!! ANYTHING LESS THAN "INSPIRING AND CREATIVE" AND YOU WILL FOREVER BE DEMONIZED IN HIP HOP'S HISTORY BOOK.

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