Thursday, August 9, 2012

OK so @Drake is going to do this Aalyiah album right w/ her family's blessing! #Salute

According to Drake, he has obtained the blessing of Aaliyah's family, former label and former management to proceed with this new Aaliyah album. He and long time Drake producer Noah "40" Shebib will be putting the project together. There is a list of artists and producers who should be involved in the project in my opinion. Off the head, Timbaland and Missy ABSOLUTELY MUST BE ON THE ALBUM. It would be nice to have Ginuwine, the remaining members of Playa (RIP Static), Magoo and Rapture and E.Seats (produced the majority of last Aaliyah album). Drake is definitely a good choice to command this project. His R&B type style is perfect to get Aaliyah back to #1 where the angel deserves. Check out Drake's comments...

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