Monday, August 13, 2012

Poor @Drake...Looks like @MissyElliot and @Timbaland won't be working on the new Aaliyah album.

After dropping a beautiful Aaliyah song last week, I wondered how the public would respond to Drake's involvement in an Aaliyah album. He and long time producer Noah "40" Shebib will be executive producing a new posthumous Aaliyah album. Last week, the first appetizer for that project was released, Enough Said feat: Drake. <<<LISTEN HERE

I can't even front on the song. Its fire and does the memory of Aaliyah justice. Still, eyebrows raised because none of Aaliyah closest friends/frequent collaborators had been contacted about the project. Timbaland and Missy had no clue at all!!! This blogger speculated whether Drake was playing with fire. Dropping the ball on this project is damn near career suicide. Now, if any artist and producer have a sound and style that can create a R&B mood for Aaliyah to fly in again, Drake and 40 have that formula on lock! They make great music when it comes to R&B styles.

However, Aaliyah is as near and dear to her family, friends and fans as any artist can get. Perfection is about the only thing that people will accept without calling the album a mockery in lieu of Timbaland and Missy's rumored absence. Well that rumored absence seems to be gaining validity.

Billboard's Erika Ramirez recently reported that Missy and Timbaland "will not be participating" in the Drake and Noah "40" Shebib executive produced Aaliyah album. In a statement from Mona Scott-Young, long time manager for Missy, this was reported:

"Although Missy and Timbaland always strive to keep the memory of their close friend alive, we have not been contacted about the project nor are there any plans at this time to participate. We've seen the reports surfacing that they have been confirmed to participate but that is not the case. Both Missy and Timbaland are very sensitive to the loss still being felt by the family so we wanted to clear up any misinformation being circulated."

Drake my dude you are playing with fire and career suicide if you foul this one up!!!

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