Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seriously @LupeFiasco just drop it already!!! INTERVIEW w/ @MannieFresh

In 2006, I was priviledged enough to break open the plastic on this new rapper named Lupe Fiasco. I remember it like it was yesterday. The nostalgia is one of those special HipHop moments that only a HipHop head can relate to. Not to be corny, but, it was literally a beautiful bright sunny day in September and I was cruising up I-95 with the sunroof open. I was on my way to a studio in Newport News, VA with my two homies Irv and Tim. That day we had racked up on all the road-trip essentials; chips, soda, bag of weed, phillies and two CD's to ride out to. One was poet Black Ice's Death of Willie Lynch and the other was this new skateboard kid named Lupe.

I popped it in AFTER Black Ice's album believing the poet would be doper than the lil Kick Push nigga. Well, you know the rest if you are a Lupe fan. The shit was phenomenal!!! It was probably the dopest album to come out that year. The trip was a 3.5 hour drive. It took us 2 to 2.5 hours to finish listening to Food And Liquor. There was just THAT MUCH rewind value on the album. I was a fan ever since!

Fast-forward 6 years later! I AM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF LUPE FIASCO!!! My feeling stem not from his music. That shit is still dope, whenever it finally drops (except Lasers uggghhh). But every time you log on to a blogsite or HipHop news site, Lupe is on a soapbox preaching about how commercialized the industry has become. How radio sucks! How main stream media sucks! How record labels suck! I miss when Lupe KNEW those elements of the business sucked and just put out dope music anyway.


I guess I'm just mad because the Lupe press coverage is not matched by Lupe music. I get more of these "record labels and radio suck" interviews than actual Lupe songs. Well, at least Food And Liquor 2 will be a double album.

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