Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Independent n underground @LeLeakaBadBad shines like the truth on **NEW ALBUM** "Bad Bad Nation"

Every now and again we get music submissions from underground artist looking for exposure and support. Go through our blog and you will find some of the hottest underground artist you haven't heard of....YET!!! Well we got a listen to 2012 SC Music Award for Best Album (for Loyalty) winner, Lele, new album Bad Bad Nation. All I can tell you is that it made me an instant fan of Bad Bad. The album is full of turnt up down south anthems like "Wett" and "No Money" sure to get some money thrown in the air. The surprise is how deep and personal Bad Bad gets in telling her South Carolina street tales. She breaks down a complex life of being a woman in SC, struggle and success with brilliant flow and pitch control. Her country accent adds intrigue to hood tales such as "Christina Jackson" and "Life". She showcases her southern spitfire on "100 Proof" and "Woman Of The City pt. 2"

.....Ladies and gentleman would like to introduce you to Lele's Bad Bad Nation

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