Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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Meet Money Makin D.

Why he made the review? This dude had an official website including a FanBridge signup and his management/booking and press contact info. This guy also included all his links in the submission email which made it super easy to research him. Overall he is a pretty well put together artist.

Now, the mixtape on the other hand was decent. It wasn't all the way average but it did keep my attention and I enjoyed it more once it got to track 6. If I could produce or change anything, it would be the intro. If I weren't reviewing it for the website, I probably wouldn't have continued to listened due to the intro loosing me from the title concept. Maybe I should've listened to the whole thing... but I didn't. Didn't sound mastered. I definitely was happy that the second track gave a explanation.  Loved the beat. Matter fact, most of the production was awesome.

On a Sarcastic Mic rating, I give it a 3 out of 5. Average rating. It was enjoyable and definitely had some good party music on it.

I want to thank him for the submission and hope he takes my criticism with the up-most respect because I definitely want to hear more. If it sounds like this now, I can only imagine what it will in another year.

Artist Name: Money Makin' D
Mixtape name: ACG (Air Maxes, Chicks, and Green)
Submitted Mixtape below...

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