Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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Meet Makeda aka TheRedFox.

None of the beats are originals but they are classics. One pet peeve of mine is an artist who takes a classic beat, remixes it and fuck it up. Makeda didn't. The beats made this mixtape good. Her style is unique and out of all the tracks she remade, track 6 was the only one I didn't like too much. Nobody should try to mess up the original "Computer Love". I even hated Lil Kim for doing it.

Why did she get reviewed? I liked her originality on these beats. Its not too easy to follow behind some of the notorious artist who originally did the production.

On a Sarcastic Mic Scale, I give it a 3.5. Wouldn't listen to it in the car or to party but it's soothing enough to relax late at night... maybe even to fuck to.

I would like to thank Makeda aka TheeRedFox for her submission and hope she gets me a Twitter soon!

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