Monday, October 8, 2012

**ARTIST PROFILE** @BigV_ANWSkyzone THE HARCORE IS BACK AGAIN!!!! Chef Boy-R-V mixtape due Halloween

Hip Hop shrinks and grows as much as any living thriving culture. Attributes and attitudes in Hip Hop are never lost but, they often fade into history quietly without any of the attention it received when it was introduced to the masses. Things like grimy New York rap, retro sneakers, graffiti and cutting-n-mixing are longed for when they fade from popularity. Their value waits to be rediscovered by a new generation of Hip Hop heads like an antique glossed in dust and memories. Then, there are aspects of Hip Hop like snap music, Hammer pants and shiny suits that leave quickly and quietly wait for the day that our culture breathes new energy into their popularity. More of us than less of us wish these trends remain in a forgetful hemisphere of the brain where embarrassing moments and bad haircuts dwell. Still, once an aspect of Hip Hop has faded away its value isn't lost.

Whether we miss it or celebrate its absence, the value of the trends we follow, forget and resurrect in our culture never fades. Our nostalgia is necessary! It leads us to our evolution. Hip Hop is going through its growing pains to become something more. Much as rock-n-roll evolved through punk rock, heavy metal and grunge, Hip Hop has begun to branch off into variations that add to its value with originality and ignorance while still longing for further growth stimulated by its core principles and values.

So what is the next step? Is there anything we are longing for now? What aesthetic quality or relevant trend are we waiting for to continue growing?

Hip Hop experienced and explosion of success and wealth as the 2000s got underway. Bling Bling was everywhere. Bentley sales AND RENTALS went through the roof. Clothing lines and movies became as much a part of the artist as actual lyrics and talent. The hustle has been good to us. But somewhere along the way, our popularity made us soft. Our displays of success often outshine our stories of struggle and grind. The hardcore was lost! It never left our stories and road to success. But, its relevance left our artist expression.

The raw rap is bubbling beneath the gloss of the glitz and glamour of our industry. Underground and indie artist are taking brands of hardcore raw rap and turning it into success. Our culture is on the verge of its next evolution. The underground indie artists are here to change the way we see ourselves and our experiences. Their stories will change the world.

The story of Big V is waiting to be heard. Who the fuck is Big V??? Big V is the story of that hardcore realness bubbling beneath the industry. No commercial interests, no success without struggle and no bullshit in truth telling. He is an underground independent artist building a fan base based on one simple principle---the real. As cliche as it sounds, its so real that he makes his own Skyzone Society brand t-shirts in his living room for his fans. He personally mails CDs to the fans that request hard copies of his music. He shoots his own videos without renting jewelry cars and strippers. There is no glamorous glow to his appeal.

He grew up in Smalltown USA. Specifically, he is from Kinston, NC and will proudly rep his hometown. It would be misleading to the reader if I didn't let you know that I had the pleasure of growing up with Big V. Hip Hop was always apart of his life. He would write raps in class---at least the boring classes. When the ciphers pop off in school, he was right in the middle of them going hard. He carried his passion with him off to NC A&T. I didn't keep in touch with him during that time in his life. But, the Hip Hop community of NC was well aware of the groundwork he was putting into networking and perfecting his craft. It didn't surprise me that people would show him so much love. Big V comes from those beautiful Hip Hop principles of raw talent and hard work. He isn't an overnight celebrity. He's been rapping since he could listen to rap and he's been writing rhymes since he learned to hold a #2 China. He prays for the success and is thankful for the blessings. His focus is on staying true to his passion and growing as an artist.

The only thing Big V cares about is the quality of his performance and the message of hardcore that he wants to express. Like many indie artists, Big V grinds from the grassroots-- one fan at a time. He's self-funded two tours that have touched The Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. His new mixtape, Chef Boy-R-V, will be his 17th release-- 13th official. Dropping this Halloween, Chef Boy-R-V will continue to add to the "real rap" message that Skyzone Society is built on. Hardcore is coming back! And Big V is an artist leading the way into the future.

  Big V "Serenity" produced by T-mil by thesarcasticrenegade


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