Monday, October 15, 2012

Check out the new @DORMTAINMENT episode "I Hate Rappers" #Hilarious

The reason I love this video so much, aside from the dude in the FUBU shirt and the sarcasm, is because he actually makes some strong points that some indie rappers could take into consideration. Your image is EVERYTHING!!

My fav point was when the vid first jumps into it "Don't flaunt and throw your money around then complain when nobody wants to buy your single or mixtape". They also jump into the whole "bragging about not sleeping". That's good you working but if your numbers aren't proving it them why are you putting your health at risk? Even more of the reason you should invest in management or a PR/Publicist.

Side note: I love rappers... the business minded and marketable rappers. :) #ENJOY

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