Sunday, October 21, 2012

[TWITTER BEEF]: Gucci Mane (@Gucci1017) beefing w/ Yung Joc (@IamYungJoc) on twitter before his Raleigh, NC show!

Today Gucci performs in Raleigh on his Trap God tour and earlier today we spotted some shit talkin from his Twitter page. Publicity stunt? Who knows! But no better state to talk shit from than--- never mind, lol Just peep the tweets below:

Apparently it appears some sort of convo was going on probably with his entourage b/c out the blue he just calls out Young Joc telling him they'll "resolve issues when he gets off tour". Then it goes on to random blurting about hatin phones, a shoutout to Raleigh then straight up callin him a bitch lol. All within the same length of time.

We found Young Joc;s responses which were mere responses to either fans or people he knew that questioned the tweets:

Joc agree that is was probably "bait" for his alleged publicity. I guess Joc doesn't care about it too much but we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll get info on some more talk trashing at his performance... although I hope Gucci doesn't waste performance time on addressing beef that's only on one end.


  1. Ughhh the city too small comment is OBVISOUSLY in reference to ATL where both artist are/claim to b from..who doesn't kno that??

    1. guess u frm Raleigh lol Dont get so offensive lol