Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We #SUPPORT KoolKidzTV and their documentary project "American Beatboxer". Check it out and donate!

This film documents one of the most neglected genres of Hip Hop culture and placing it in its rightful place in Hip Hop history.We at SRA took the info from KickStarter.com to share with our audience.
  • Launched:Sep 20, 2012
  • Funding ends:Oct 31, 2012 

On July 31, 2010 in Brooklyn, New York, the first ever American Beatbox Championship took place. Beatboxers and beatbox fans from all over the world converged at Littlefield Performance and Art space to witness and participate in this historic event. Contestants of all races from throughout the United States competed. Now it’s down to the eight finalists! This documentary honors the evolution of Beatboxing juxtaposed against the final day of competition to crown the first American beat boxing champion.
This film documents one of the most neglected genres of Hip Hop culture and places it in its rightful position in Hip-Hop history as a bona fide American art form. The awesome soundtrack is provided by the multi-talented finalist, Maximillion and FulleeLoaded Productions. Featured performers are W.B.A. founder Chesney Snow; host Hobbit from the U.K., and Beatbox, Hip-Hop trailblazers and contest judges, Rahzel and Jarobi White from a Tribe Called Quest!

We need your help specifically to raise marketing funds for our film so we can place our labor of love strategically into relevant film festivals and markets such as the American Film Market (AFM) to obtain distribution. These funds would help pay for submission fees, promotional and screening copies, post cards, poster art, press kits etc...

Let's help put Beatboxing in its rightful place in Hip-Hop culture and music history. Let's help plant the seeds for the next generation of beatboxers. Come on! Be a part of this great project!


A word from Chesney Snow: Giving the audience a way to plug into a part of Hip-Hop history. Hip-Hop as always been about make something from nothing, we are a group of community filmmakers that believe the power, artistry and hip hop and  the music of beatboxing  and we wanted to tell the story of the first American Beatboxing Championships. We wanted to reach to people who love hip hop, love music and wanted to contribute/take part to a telling a story of historic moment in hip hop, we have seen how hip hop brings people from all of the world together and beatboxing is an example of that. We are a group of diverse artists that are united by hip hop are trying to tell a story about something we love. As a beatboxer, musician, filmmaker, producer and like any struggling artists  we are constantly trying to make our works and passions sustainable. So we are reaching out to our friends and community members to help us do something that we might not be able to make possible . We are reaching out to a wider audience to help us get funding for the completion and marketing. Thank You!

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