Thursday, November 1, 2012

**MIXTAPE REVIEW** Check the @BigV_anwskyzone new mixtape "CHEF BOY R-V" review. Did he fail or flop???

Underground independent artist, Big V returns with another installment of raw rap to add to his growing buzz. The new mixtape, Chef Boy R-V: Da Cookup, displays Big V's tremendous growth as an artist and man without straying from his core sound or core audience. Still raspy voice rapping, Big V steps out on a limb to explores jazzier production and soundscapes that is a pleasant new direction that blends seamlessly with his usual hardcore rap steez. Menace, T-Mil and Papoe The King provide vastly different production styles that still harmoniously blend together to provide continuity and an uninterrupted head nod.

Though only 10 tracks deep, Chef Boy R-V makes up for brevity with a tight-knit collection of material that offers the listener little reason to skip a track. Songs like "Serenity" and "Backyard View" can induce even the most avid non-smoker to participate in a loud blunt session. However even while riding soul samples and a sonically velvet presentation, the mixtape is highlighted by the hardcore lyrical showcase on "Manut Bol" in which Big V shares the mic with Louie D.

Backed electronic keys and a blasting horn section Big V raps, "Got a bright mind, with a dark soul/ Niggas ice grilling, hit em with some charcoal..."

Big V closes out Chef Boy R-V with a deeply personal testimony about his life outlook along his journey from humble beginning to successful independent success.

 He is sharp wit lines like, "...something like a dike how I keep my strap on/ Even on my off days I got my strap on/ The flow raw like I ain't put a strap on..."

Despite it only being 10 tracks deep, the substance of Chef Boy R-V is enough to pop it in and ride it out without pressing fast forward. So roll up a blunt and get in your element of comfort because Chef Boy R-V is a sonically smooth and lyrically strong enough to relax to, ride to or grind to!

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