Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[NEW VIDEO] @RollsRoyceRizzy Ft. 1MarylandMenace "Came For" Directed by @chriswilkes1011 S/O @iamstevenewland

My first encounter with Rolls Royce Rizzy was back in April at a party I was helping do online promo for. He was coming to NC alongside Lil Scrappy, I figured why not, maybe I could get an interview. Long story short, I never got an interview. As most rising stars, he was more interested in "where the groupies at" then conducting business so I didnt bother and why would I? They just came to a venue that had no crowd, allegedly due to poor promotion from teh venue itself and some promised promo from the radio station. The hotel hallways were more fun then INSIDE the club. Did talk to his manager, still have the contact info, maybe I'll try to get the interview in the 1st Qtr.

Never heard of Rolls Royce Rizzy? Well, now you have. A innocent looking cute big dude with a lot of talent and not so innocent lyrics. Rolls Royce gives him a classic "gangsta appeal" and Rizzy reminds me bear... he does remind you of a teddy bear. What took so long for him to get a post on the SRA? I had to observe. I was hearing Lil Scrappy wasn't apart of his marketing and the touring anymore so I wanted to see if he'd still release some material and if it would be as hot as the songs I've heard already. Then this releases and the beat sounds like a Janet Jackson sample and it rides like hell. I love this song. SO here it goes. IN A VIDEO. #ENJOY

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