Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I would have to say that his is the first mixtape from French that I sat through the whole thing. Before I relied on my boys to introduce me into his hottest songs. @Al_Is_Handsome told me when we first started dated back in early 2011 that he was bout to take over and I was just like "whatever, he a mixtape rapper". Well, yea, he is a mixtape rapper but he has been a Industry Focus for quite some time as well. Would've never guessed it. Jsut like I would've never guessed this mixtape would be something I wanna play through again. Definitely worth the hard drive space on my laptop. I give 4 stars because for him to be the "type" of artist he is and this type of music, the production was GREAT and the lineup of the music was awesome. I love "Ocho Cinco" lol its inspiring. #sarcasm But for real tho, beside that track I also love "Diamonds' and it features Carolina native @JColeNC!

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