Thursday, January 31, 2013

[EXCLUSIVE]: @TheRealBrothaLynchHung - "Stabbed" Feat. @TechN9ne and @Hopsin

New Music from Hopsin! I love this hook! lol

'90s Rap Artist Father MC faces Scam Charges. Why you should DO YOUR RESEARCH on alleged "A&R Reps"

Best known for his hit “I’ll Do 4 U” from his debut album “Father’s Day” in 1990, rapper Timothy Brown, better known as Father MC, is facing allegations that he brings new, up and coming artists into the studio for $700 per session, and gives them tracks he’s already shared with others.

Killer Rabbit Studios in Studio City, CA is the location where the rapper is accused of promising to shop songs for record deals, but fails to follow up.

Father MC’s biggest hit features a backing track sampled from “Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn. He recently re-emerged in 2007 under a new stage name: “Fambody”.

No stranger to controversy, Father MC was arrested in New York in 1997 for failure to pay child support, and also appeared nude in the August 1996 issue of Playgirl magazine.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The Endgame EP
released: 12.21.12
Produced by Benjamin Beat
Presented by Optimus Beatz Music Group
Featuring producers Benjamin Beat, Optimus Beatz, Brian Flores

Main production by Benjamin Beat and introducing "Optimus Beatz" aka Maurice Butler. I've known them both for a few years and they are both awesome with beats and production. They worked together on this project and made a complete package. Did I mention the grind they have put in for this project?  For more info you email and follow @OBMG_MMI
Some of the featured artists on this project that made some great impacts and shoudl also be on the look out for solo projects this year are:

-Tom P. Follow him at @TomPATL (S/O to his manager Kevin Grimes) 
-H2OKZ aka Alex Hooks. This dude is straight talent. I think I first met Hookz at the Industry Nights I was running back in '09. Lyrical genius and mad on-stage energy. Follow @H2OKZ @AMSOCmusic
-Corey Charron - @CharronKOTD
-Real Deal aka Trevor Weller - @RealDealPGH
-Lex Leosis - @MissLexxxLeo

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Video dropping from his mixtape "FOUR:23 No Way Out" which released back in May 2012. Free download HERE


Hailing from Enfield, North Carolina, Keyuntae “Killa Key” Ward has been working diligently within the music scene. At a young age he expressed his passion for music. His journey with music was underway at the age of twelve as he fell in love with Hip Hop and started rapping on his on. At the start of his music career he demonstrated the charisma, confidence, and swagger in which it takes to build a great artist. Inspired by artists such as “Tupac” & “Lil Wayne” he studied their craft and how they told stories of where they had come from and began giving the stories of his hood and environment through his own eyes. Later, in his quest for musical greatness he joined a local group which has become widely popular in this day and time known as “Drama Squad” (Da Realest And Most Anticipated). Each of the members grew up with one another since elementary school. They have all experienced some of the same struggles and hardships just as much as excitements and joys. They have won numerous awards and recognition throughout the years and are continuing to rise in the ranks. As an Alumnus of NC State University, Keyuntae also known as “Tha Lyricist” has the ability to express both sides of the world in his music. With his crafty flow he gives the audience a true depiction of real life situations in which he has experienced or witnessed. Also he can give knowledge on life in which his college education and experiences helped him to see. He is a true example of achieving success no matter what background you may be accustomed with. In 2009 Keyuntae won the Literary Award at the annual Sankofa Award Ceremony and is currently getting prepared to release his first solo album entitled, “The Starting Point.” In the end, Killa Key would like to be remembered as one of the greats and is on the right path so far as he extends his current ten year journey. [Twitter: @Killakey355 @DramaSquadHB]

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fifty 250 Ent. Video drop @HB5250 from West Coast's notorious DJ Tazmania @OGTazmania

The infamous DJ Tazmania out on the West Coast drops a promo video supporting Fifty 250 Entertainment. Stay tuned for the rest of the #StraightLikeDat Campaign from HB 5250!