Tuesday, December 31, 2013


There are many changes awaiting us as 2013 changes into 2014...

Yet there are valuables from 2013 worth taking into the New Year. As 2014 is ushered in, remember to maintain the standards of work ethic, dedication and ambition that brought success to your life. May that hip-hop swagger that got you here keep you here. If the inspiration to create a recipe for success escaped you in 2013, allow me to introduce you to one of the ingredients I stirred into my pot of gold in 2013. Check out the first class ticket to my window seat in 2013!

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Surrounded by constant commercial marketing schemes and endless attempts to turn my rent money into paper I spent on bullshit, I found a cool soulful breeze that kept me focused on important things. As mixtapes come and go, this one was different. Its not everyday that the songs you listen to on a day-to-day basis are songs that fit puzzle-perfect into the mood you need to keep grinding. Most rappers are caught up in lifestyles of the rich and famous and the imaginary dope kingpin tales that spin on radio and internet radio daily. Big V offered me a different rhythm to swagger my shoulders to in 2013. The #WindowSeat creator's lyrics are grounded in blue collar work ethic and poor man dreams driven my rich man ambition. Gems like D.W.I (Drive Wit Inspiration) and Sunlight inspire everyday people to wake up and hustle. Even while touching the general public's fascination with "coming up" and "living the life" type imagery, he takes the time to craft Window Seat into a personal testament of his life on songs like "1155 AM In Winston" and "Bubble Caprice" which make him seem like the person you see in the mirror.

Its rare you find artists that touch personal chords of our spirit. Even rarer, Window Seat is able to maintain to smooth, well produced continuity that allow the listener to ignore the fast-forward button. Whether you are a clear-headed hustler with a mapped out business plan or a cloud-floating 9 to 5 grinder about to roll up a jump rope away from stress, Window Seat was the soundtrack to success and happiness in 2013. SO, THIS NEW YEARS CHAMPAGNE GLASS (or Bud Light bottle) IS FOR THE WINDOW SEATS WE SAT IN IN 2013 AND ALL THE OTHER FIRST CLASS FLIGHT PLANS WE ARE MAKING FOR 2014 #SALUTE #BIGVSHIT #SKYZONESOCIETY

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