Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mastermind x @RickyRozay features production credits from Carolina's @JManifestNC & @LegionOfMuzik

In the midst of the Rick Ross Mastermind Album release there is a loud chant of support for a producer who, until now, wasn't getting credit for his production. If you purchased Mastermind today, look at the credits for track 3 and you will see that the production was done by J. Manifest (@JManifest) and Legion of Muzik (@LegionofMuzik). However, you cant believe everything you see on the internet...

For over a month, graphics headlined popular Hip Hop websites showcasing the Mastermind tracklist and track 3, "Drug Dealers Dream", didn't say "J. Manifest". Instead, Seattle's native "Jake One" was beside it. As this graphic traveled from website to website and from blog to blog, J. Manifest lost his publicity for this accomplishment. For over a month he sat back and on the night of March 2, one of the biggest conversation pieces about CIAA weekend in Charlotte, NC was Rick Ross calling J. Manifest on stage at the party he was attending to introduce the track to the crowd.

"It was a great feeling when good bro Ricky Rozay requested that I introduce the record. It showed me that I did business with some real people. Not often do you meet those kinda people. It also was a good look because I was in my backyard- North Carolina. From that moment I knew it was real and I had accomplished something ginormous." - J. Manifest

     It was later cleared up on Twitter by Carolina artist and friend of Manifest, Jozeemo (@Jozeemo) with the simple tweet "So who produced #DrugDealersDream @JakeUno or @JManifest ?" in which Jake One rapidly responds giving credit to Manifest. Jozeemo is known from his work with Little Brother on "That Ain't Love" and the "Welcome to Durham" documentary.

Manifest states in his social media profiles, "March 4, 2014 is a milestone in my life and for the state of North Carolina." In regards as to how he got the project, "About 2 1/2 to 3 yrs ago, I met Rick Ross' manager Gucci Pucci and we built a business friendship. Ross had recorded on several of my records, but none made the album, which at that time was "God Forgives, I Don't". We stayed in touch and I continued to submit records, until he finally got one I called "Theory" which became "Drug Dealers Dream".
Manifest's work history includes music placement/credits under his belt with projects from Poe Boy Music Group, Project Pat, Max B, Beanie Sigel, Young Buck, and even Smack DVD/URL battles, but none with the weight of this highly anticipated album from Rick Ross. Currently he is still running The COSIGN tour which is a series of venue stops promoting his project "The Cosign Mixtape". Follow him on Twitter, Instagram @JManifest

YouTube link of "Drug Dealers Dream":