Monday, September 19, 2016

The purpose of a blog.

So you've thought about it and you've reached out to some websites to feature your music. Now what? Do you even know why you wanted the web features? Do you even know why they are beneficial?

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Meek Mill & The Game
It's all about increasing your brand outreach or deepening the relationship with your current fans. To do that, there are four reasons YOU should be investing in press releases to get on blogs.

Truth is, most of the people that follow your talent think of gossip sites or lifestyle sites when they hear the word blog. You don't always have to be in some type dramatic situation just to get on a website. However, on social media like Facebook, satire sites get the most shares than that of real entertainment. This is another reason why, if you aren't actually planning your campaign, you wont invest into getting on a blog. 

Blogs create authority and credibilityIt's a cyber platform to perform and/or stand on.

Relate-abilityBlog audiences like to read content that has a personality. A press release gives the blogger information and a good blogger will add their own touch to the feature. This is how they get constant web traffic. Basic bloggers who merely copy & paste will give you the platform but it is up to you to share and market the feature.

Search engine resultsThe more consistently you post to your blog with relevant information people actually care about, the more likely search engines, such as Google, will start displaying your blog on their result pages.

Re-purposing content - If you have a smart writer on your team (like me), they will never duplicate any work. You can turn old blog posts into portfolio pieces, video blogs, presentations, etc. 

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