Wednesday, October 19, 2016

[Miracle MIXTAPE REVIEW] @KemistryMcNeil x Carolina Watz Sup Vol. 4

Khemistry McNeil is ready to show the Carolinas that he’s ready to claim one of the top spots in local trap music in the Carolinas after dropping his mixtape, Carolina Watz Sup Vol. 4,  on September 13th of this year.  On his mixtape’s fourth installment, Khemistry continues to rep his state proudly, shown by the Tar Heels album cover and on his Intro track where he not only exclaims it’s time for Carolina to stand up but to also call out his haters to let them know that they’re hustling to make it just like him; but the difference is that he’s real about his shit.  Which I most definitely got by listening to the mixtape!  Usually, I stray away from the likes of trap music but Khemistry along with the his producers had me vibing like I was in Atlanta circa 2005; plus I always appreciate dope instrumentals.
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Carolina Watz Up Vol.4 is hosted by fellow North Carolinian artist Rai Band$.  Khemistry also enlists other local artists such as: Fiyah, Tweezy Boi, Vellie, PopOff, Nick Nass, Castaway, and Huey P Hugo to feature on majority of tracks.  Bo-Bangz was also invited to feature on multiple tracks which doesn’t come as a surprise, taking into consideration how well the two artists’ rap deliveries and energies mixed well together on Khemistry’s previous mixtape, Carolina Watz Up Vol. 3, where he most definitely captured that Southern Summertime vibe in the trap. I can dig the fact that he invited other natives in the booth being that the mixtape is an ode to Carolina, but it would have been nice if he had more tracks just featuring himself on this mixtape considering Volume 3 had a feature on majority of the tracks. 

I would’ve also liked to hear another track or two that the lady fans could cruise too as well!  Pillow Talk featuring Bo-Bangz was a nice addition to the tracklist considering how he still kept it real but also a little manish, it gave the song a little Kevin Gates vibe that’s popular with  listeners now.  I personally, would have preferred a little bit more lyrical content to show versatility as an artist; but a trap song isn’t a dope track if it doesn’t have a dope beat and Khemistry and his producers came through on that note.  There wasn’t really one instrumental that didn’t make me want to roll the windows down in my Jeep and kill my bass; and Big Ole 40’s and Let Me Do Me really did that for me especially!  

Overall, Khemistry McNeil’s Carolina Watz Sup Volume 4 mixtape was pretty dope and I most definitely would keep him and his work on my radar if I was you! 

-Miracle Chimere 

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