Monday, January 16, 2017

[VIDEO ALERT]: Lil Thony (@lilthonyy) - "Super Save A Hoe" Feat Jet Wavy the Blue Ranger

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"Atlanta’s thot ambassador Lil Thony teams up with Jet Wavy “aka The Blue Ranger” for the visuals for Super Save A Hoe. As Lil Thony gears up to release his highly anticipated project “ Thot City ” on Valentine’s Day, he decided to send a message to some of his fans and victims to these hoes! Before the video starts, Lil Thony has a disclaimer that pops up reading “ Don’t Save These Hoes, They for Everybody”! In other words don’t bring a hoe to your home and consider her a housewife. The Blue Ranger Jet Wavy plays Captain Sav'em in this featured film, where you see him being his comedic self as he takes a “girl” on a super date!! From Waffle house to horses and carriages, Jet Wavy goes all out as if he didn’t read the disclaimer! Overall, in this video you see Lil Thony having fun while also teaching a valuable lesson to all the tricks out there! "

"Lil Thony is a multi-talented artist that continues to grow his audience through his style, personality, and of course his music."

College Park, Atlanta, Georgia native, Lil Thony has always embraced the music and entertainment realms as he's always had an affinity for music, comedy and poetry. Lil Thony has certainly been known as a curator of unforgettable moments, and the rapper certainly lacks no charisma. This said, Lil Thony was able to win over friends, family, and fans over the years with his unforgettable personality."

[NEW ISH]: @JColeNC x High for Hours

No words needed. Just listen and vibe.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There's a Jam Master J'Son (@jmjson) & Richy 718 (@Rapstarrecords) diss track against Young M.A (@youngmamusic)

Note: This story was sent to me and I felt like I should talk about instead of just copy and pasting the press release. 

So apparently in this long as description there was a show on November hosted by JMJ Ent and F13 Elite Ent last year that Young Ma had already been booked for since like August. Someone in Young Ma camp double booked her that same night blah blah. Long story short she still showed up but -- real late. Then allegedly stated, "If i don't get the other 5k I'm not performing anywhere!" 

Now all of this is stated in the press release, I do not know if these details are accurate. I will be contacting the Young Ma camp to see if I can get their side of the story. Since that incident we all ran into the video that went viral where she made a girl get to the back of the crowd (some say she got kicked out) for not having her cell phone out. Also, I remember laughing at this video of a group of guys with guns threatening Young Ma life and apparently the story behind that is they are in relation to a promoter in New Orleans that she allegedly stood up for 33k.

Basically Jam Master J'Son and Richy Richy are so salty about this that they not only got a diss track out on her but they are also filing a lawsuit. 

I'll paste the last paragraph:
This week, Jam Master J Son (Jason Mizell, Son of the legendary Jam Master Jay)'s company JMJ Entertainment Along with F13 Elite Ent.has filed a lawsuit against Young M.A.     
In addition, Jam Master J'son artist and business partner - Brooklyn-born MC Richy Rich 718 just dropped a HARD diss track directed at the Bronx rapper under their Rapstar Records label. 

Below is the diss track by Richy Rich. The intro is funny as hell with the Michael Jackson sample. It's an average good diss track. He didn't go in too much about her being a dike but he also could've given us some more tea other than he more gangster than her. In the like 2nd verse he says something about her being a one hit wonder and I was like "uhh... I honestly haven't heard of you that much either...

Sunday, January 8, 2017


This track dropped during hrr live performance at the 1st Buzz Wednesday of 2017 in Goldsboro, NC. She opened up the Ladies Night Edition with her fans in place, knowing every word. That's my favorite part of any showcase when I attend because it is the 2nd main thing I look for, crowd control. (The 1st thing is are they entertaining while saying the lyrics).

To see her energetic performance with several fans in attendance, along with her team, on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT??? Can't get any better. Every DJ in the building had her attendance and most importantly I saw the hosts, Skee Monee and Pocket Styles, in the moment with her.



[Video]: @TheRealDreel - Since '92 (Official Video) Shot By: @NoRatchetssProd

I've never been let down by a Dreel video and they always get numbers. Yes, of course I looked into these numbers and yes they are real views and real comments. When you invest in marketing and promotions you should make sure you get real results. So in case there are any haters out there saying they are fake views (because I'm sure there is in this Carolina region), they aren't.

Back to the subject, Dreel showed a different side of his talent with this one. I enjoyed it. It's not a single but on a project, definitely something you can ride the highway too.

[Video]: Pete Rothstein (@petematchone) - "Shots Fired 12" Filmed by Illy Rock (@KrenshawThuggn)

This video dropped not too long ago and while browsing some of my film friends YouTube channels I noticed this already had over 2k views so I decided to take a look at it. If you know how my reviews go down, you know I'ma keep it 100.

Song wise, this track ROCK. I like it, I wanna hear it in the club and I wanna put the song on my Tidal playlist. It's definitely something I would ride the highway too whether I'm smoking or not.

The ONLY thing that almost turned me away from pressing play, was the fact the guys mixtape is titled "Cocaine and Cum Stains". I get the title and its trap lifestyle metaphor but the tap houses I've knew didn't have no sexual activity near the kitchen lol. Also it just sounds distasteful. Like I automatically pictured naked crack heads in the traphouse bedroom. lol

The one and only Illy Rock directed and shot this video. I've known him since my starting days with this blog so I'ma go through his channel some more. For exclusive review, submit mixtapes and video links to

Friday, January 6, 2017


South Carolina artist Dominant releases this single “Day 2 Day” right before Summer 2016 featuring SoPhire, and produced by Big Kev. The classic lyrical content include stories about life situations many of us go through, however many choose not to acknowledge. 

[Feature]: @PRINCECHARLEZ - "Bitty" off of "Black & Gold" Presented by@DrummaBoyFRESH


Hit-making songwriter and artist PRINCE CHARLEZ picks up the microphone on his anxiously awaited debut mixtape, Black And Gold [Republic Records] — out now.

A sought-after songwriter, the Compton native has made a name for himself penning music for a host of A-list superstars ranging from Kendrick Lamar to T.I.. Recent cuts include Rihanna’s “Needed Me,” BeyoncĂ©’s “Ring Off,” Jessica Mauboy’s “Beautiful,” Usher’s “More,” and many others. Signing to Republic Records in 2016, he introduces his own brand of hypnotic trap infused soul rife with impressive wordplay and unpredictable production.

Featuring 8 tracks, Black and Gold properly heralds his arrival. Produced by Drumma Boy in Atlanta, the focus track “Bitty” builds from sharp bars into a syncopated and scorching refrain that’s impossible to shake. It’s as fiery as it is fascinating. 

Listen to the track HERE!!! 

Right now, PRINCE CHARLEZ is hard at work on his major label debut in between writing for BeyoncĂ©, Mary J. Blige, and many others.
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[FEATURE]: @ToniSteelz - "They Don't Know Yet"

Multi Award winning artist Toni Steelz and just recently winning Female Rapper of the Year in the All Star Music Awards Toni has made a name for herself in the industry. More notably as ½ of the Multi Award Winning Male/Female Hip Hop duo #BLACKSTEELZ, Toni has continued to raise the bar without compromising her originality. Toni has been creating music with producers such as Canei Finch, Raheim Beyah formerly of Czar Entertainment, Hassan Shareef, Jimi Kendrix and Drawzilla of Comrades Corp which is  just a few who are helping brand that ToniSteelz sound. 


TonSteelz’s 1st solo project "Just Me" has been placed on countless digital sites and blogs for your listening and purchasing pleasure. The video for "Google Me" premiered on Video Music Box and is currently being shopped to television music networks with over 12,000 views on YouTube. So much more to come from ToniSteelz "Our Favorite HoodCHic" Stay tune....U Already Know, IT'S A GO! 
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[FEATURE]: Boof Paxk Mooky (@BoofPaxk) - New Phone

Posting this song because it came thorough to me in a record pool I am in and he's from ENC. I haven't heard of him until today and I thought the song had a nice little bounce to it. Below is some information I pulled from the forum they posted on. If this reaches them, holla at me for a professional bio and EPK bc the one posted needs updating asap.


Via #GreenHitz

Boof Paxk Mooky first gained recognition in Summer 2016 for his single "Monday".  He released a debut mixtape, "Paxk House Volume 1" hosted by DJ Ron Viper in December  2016 on Spinrilla. He is planning on releasing his second mixtape Paxk House Vol 2: Hosted By DJ Ron Viper in March 2017.

Watch This:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

[VIDEO HEAT]: @ThisIsPoohBear X @GG_Ruga - "Paparazzi" | Official Music Video |

The future of R&B, and the one I know as Fat Sosa (Pooh Bear), links up with Ruga for one of the hottest Carolina collabs. Of course, there's tons of good music in this market but its rare to find that perfect delivery and these guys give off some good emotional energy. By emotional energy, I mean its like I'm watching a mini movie and I actually feel what they are talking about. I think even the most conscious rap fan will appreciate this track.

Just to give a little history lesson about these guys, they are not new to the scene. If this blog had survived while I grew my family they wouldve BEEN in here. Ruga has done a banging track with Snootie Wild in the past that was featured on AllHipHop. Pooh Bear's voice has graced plenty of singles and great features including a new single he has with Jim Jones. I became a fan off this track he did a few years ago called "Make Love to Your Mind".

And yaasss bih if you dont know, now you know!

Monday, January 2, 2017

[MIXTAPE REVIEW]: NO SMOKE - Khemistry McNeil by #Miracle

Where there's smoke, there's fire! And Khemistry McNeil has most definitely lit the trap music scene up once again!  The Chemist himself is back with another project to add to your Trap Bangers Collection with his mixtape, No Smoke, released earlier this year showing the consistency Khemistry has in releasing and producing quality work to keep up his momentum in the game.  A fierce momentum that looks like it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon; because as soon as I heard the first track I knew that Khemistry is stating facts when he says that these new age nursery rhyme rappers don’t want any smoke with him, because he’s definitely proving that he has a lane that only a few can attempt to crossover in.  No Smoke, hosted and produced by DJ Derrick Geeter, includes 9 tracks that will get anybody with a taste for dope instrumentals and mixing rocking with Khemistry on this mixtape.
            Staying loyal to his team, Khemistry brings back artists such as Bo Bangz and Castaway to feature on a couple of tracks; Double M being one of my favorites, simply because how raw Bo Bangz and Khemistry get on the track with their verses! Raw verses is something Khemistry brings to this project by providing us with steady bars with some wordplay here and there to illustrate his life from starting from the bottom in the streets to where he’s striving to be.  Even though I would’ve loved a track or two that was less trap like; I can’t complain because I always appreciate an artist staying consistent with their content when it comes to trap music because it lets me know that they’re rapping about something they know or have lived; not just some rapper watching Scarface portraying a life they know nothing about.  It just makes it easier to connect with their work and their persona; and that’s something Khemistry has mastered on
No Smoke
Listening to this project compared to his other mixtapes I can say that Khemistry did promote himself better on No Smoke by allowing himself to have more tracks without features so his audience could have a better knowledge of who he is and how skillful he is when it comes to his flow, something the last project lacked in my eyes. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that I would’ve enjoyed hearing a dope singer being featured on a track.  Just so we could maybe get  a You’re All I Need by Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige or a You Got Me by The Roots feel! But even without that addition, everything from production, to content, and even down to delivery was dope!  From listening to his previous mixtapes to this one you can really see the growth as an artist!  So just do yourself a favor and listen to No Smoke because I can guarantee Khemistry McNeil is sparking and blowing with this one!

Miracle Chimere

Sunday, January 1, 2017

[MIXTAPE REVIEW]: Byg Enoff - The Wake DJ B Eazy #Spinrilla

At first glance you expect another average mixtape. There's more to this release then the eyes can tell. The Wake seems to be a surprise release for his fans as they await the arrival of the full 20 Funerals Mixtape.

Byg Enoff is hands down a favorite because his delivery and his voice PLUS he only works with the best producers around the area. There's only 7 tracks but its enough to ride the highway too. This project is a must have so download it. The entire tape rides. Real talk. My favorites are Prison System and 20 Funerals. Put on #repeat. Good job Byg. 
5 stars!


Q Duece, J Play, and K Rich performing "Deserve To Be Rich." Music video filmed and directed by Illy Rock of TSGS Films.

Shame Sundays Mixtape Release Concert in Raleigh

NC rapper Shame’s live mixtape release to feature special guest appearances

RALEIGH, N.C., December 23, 2016 – On January 22th, D.C. area native and local rapper Shame will present “Shame Sunday”, a live mixtape release concert, hosted by Mir.I.Am from Radio One Raleigh’s K97.5. The concert will be held at The Pour House and is a culmination of “Shame Sundays” - 13 weeks of new music released by the artist each Sunday.

On his latest mixtape, Shame collaborates with local artists ranging from Quentin Rashad to Allie Capo. Attendees at the concert will hear music featuring Freedom Infinite, Silhouette, Knox, Quentin Rashad, Manifest, Bankhead, Precyce Politix, NYI, Allie Capo, Kain, KwestMusicSlim, Kenny MacGuyver, Tesh, Nacynze, Mosca Flux and Jooselord Magnus. DJ Micky Slicks will be mixing. Local band N’Kogniito will be opening the concert, and accompanying Shame on a number of songs.

Who is Shame?
Shame got his start in rap battles, where he became known to put shame to the rappers he battled. In his short time on the circuit, Shame has opened up for Layzie Bone and Do or Die, as well as appeared on bills at local venues such as The Pourhouse, Kings, Local 506 and the Pinhook. His conscious rap style evokes a J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar-type flow - but Shame’s influences range from A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip, Big L, Nas and Tupac.

“Shame Sundays” began as a way to reminisce to simpler times, and has morphed into an effort to showcase talented artists in the area. “Shame Sundays came about because of memories of listening to music and relaxing with family growing up on Sundays,” Shame stated. “I want people to experience the form of storytelling and lyricism through my sound. My goal is to have a following that when they first wake up on Sundays, they look forward to hearing my music.”

Shame describes the mixtape as a showcase of his growth as an artist, as well as the local talent in the area. In late 2017, Shame will release his much anticipated second project, “Room 223.” His first project, “The Sequence,” featured the lead single “Still Ballin”.

Event Information
Admission to the event is $5 advanced purchase, $10 day of show. Attendees can purchase tickets at The Pour House is located at 224 S. Blount St. Raleigh, NC.


Shame Official Website:
Official Soundcloud:
Official Twitter: