Monday, January 2, 2017

[MIXTAPE REVIEW]: NO SMOKE - Khemistry McNeil by #Miracle

Where there's smoke, there's fire! And Khemistry McNeil has most definitely lit the trap music scene up once again!  The Chemist himself is back with another project to add to your Trap Bangers Collection with his mixtape, No Smoke, released earlier this year showing the consistency Khemistry has in releasing and producing quality work to keep up his momentum in the game.  A fierce momentum that looks like it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon; because as soon as I heard the first track I knew that Khemistry is stating facts when he says that these new age nursery rhyme rappers don’t want any smoke with him, because he’s definitely proving that he has a lane that only a few can attempt to crossover in.  No Smoke, hosted and produced by DJ Derrick Geeter, includes 9 tracks that will get anybody with a taste for dope instrumentals and mixing rocking with Khemistry on this mixtape.
            Staying loyal to his team, Khemistry brings back artists such as Bo Bangz and Castaway to feature on a couple of tracks; Double M being one of my favorites, simply because how raw Bo Bangz and Khemistry get on the track with their verses! Raw verses is something Khemistry brings to this project by providing us with steady bars with some wordplay here and there to illustrate his life from starting from the bottom in the streets to where he’s striving to be.  Even though I would’ve loved a track or two that was less trap like; I can’t complain because I always appreciate an artist staying consistent with their content when it comes to trap music because it lets me know that they’re rapping about something they know or have lived; not just some rapper watching Scarface portraying a life they know nothing about.  It just makes it easier to connect with their work and their persona; and that’s something Khemistry has mastered on
No Smoke
Listening to this project compared to his other mixtapes I can say that Khemistry did promote himself better on No Smoke by allowing himself to have more tracks without features so his audience could have a better knowledge of who he is and how skillful he is when it comes to his flow, something the last project lacked in my eyes. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that I would’ve enjoyed hearing a dope singer being featured on a track.  Just so we could maybe get  a You’re All I Need by Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige or a You Got Me by The Roots feel! But even without that addition, everything from production, to content, and even down to delivery was dope!  From listening to his previous mixtapes to this one you can really see the growth as an artist!  So just do yourself a favor and listen to No Smoke because I can guarantee Khemistry McNeil is sparking and blowing with this one!

Miracle Chimere

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  1. This was a well done, and very detailed article, keep doing what you do best giving the world something they need to hear, not what they think they want to hear! Keep grinding for Carolina, much love and respect! ~Trust Hits