Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There's a Jam Master J'Son (@jmjson) & Richy 718 (@Rapstarrecords) diss track against Young M.A (@youngmamusic)

Note: This story was sent to me and I felt like I should talk about instead of just copy and pasting the press release. 

So apparently in this long as description there was a show on November hosted by JMJ Ent and F13 Elite Ent last year that Young Ma had already been booked for since like August. Someone in Young Ma camp double booked her that same night blah blah. Long story short she still showed up but -- real late. Then allegedly stated, "If i don't get the other 5k I'm not performing anywhere!" 

Now all of this is stated in the press release, I do not know if these details are accurate. I will be contacting the Young Ma camp to see if I can get their side of the story. Since that incident we all ran into the video that went viral where she made a girl get to the back of the crowd (some say she got kicked out) for not having her cell phone out. Also, I remember laughing at this video of a group of guys with guns threatening Young Ma life and apparently the story behind that is they are in relation to a promoter in New Orleans that she allegedly stood up for 33k.

Basically Jam Master J'Son and Richy Richy are so salty about this that they not only got a diss track out on her but they are also filing a lawsuit. 

I'll paste the last paragraph:
This week, Jam Master J Son (Jason Mizell, Son of the legendary Jam Master Jay)'s company JMJ Entertainment Along with F13 Elite Ent.has filed a lawsuit against Young M.A.     
In addition, Jam Master J'son artist and business partner - Brooklyn-born MC Richy Rich 718 just dropped a HARD diss track directed at the Bronx rapper under their Rapstar Records label. 

Below is the diss track by Richy Rich. The intro is funny as hell with the Michael Jackson sample. It's an average good diss track. He didn't go in too much about her being a dike but he also could've given us some more tea other than he more gangster than her. In the like 2nd verse he says something about her being a one hit wonder and I was like "uhh... I honestly haven't heard of you that much either...

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