Sunday, January 8, 2017

[Video]: Pete Rothstein (@petematchone) - "Shots Fired 12" Filmed by Illy Rock (@KrenshawThuggn)

This video dropped not too long ago and while browsing some of my film friends YouTube channels I noticed this already had over 2k views so I decided to take a look at it. If you know how my reviews go down, you know I'ma keep it 100.

Song wise, this track ROCK. I like it, I wanna hear it in the club and I wanna put the song on my Tidal playlist. It's definitely something I would ride the highway too whether I'm smoking or not.

The ONLY thing that almost turned me away from pressing play, was the fact the guys mixtape is titled "Cocaine and Cum Stains". I get the title and its trap lifestyle metaphor but the tap houses I've knew didn't have no sexual activity near the kitchen lol. Also it just sounds distasteful. Like I automatically pictured naked crack heads in the traphouse bedroom. lol

The one and only Illy Rock directed and shot this video. I've known him since my starting days with this blog so I'ma go through his channel some more. For exclusive review, submit mixtapes and video links to

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