Friday, March 31, 2017

Finally. @YoungDolph Speaks On The #CIAA Shooting in Charlotte

Young Dolph stopped by The Breakfast Club to speak on the following topics:
- The situation that went down in Charlotte, N.C. when his SUV was shot up at CIAA
- The significance of his 'Bulletproof' EP, what the track list means
- How he lives life fearless
- Speaks on beef with Yo Gotti, releasing the 'Play Wit Yo Bitch' diss record
- If he thinks him and Yo Gotti will ever work together &/or squash their beef
- Why he hasn't signed to a major label
- How he's shaping himself to be an independent mogul, interests in fashion, film, and business
- Which artists inspire him on a daily basis
- Compares music streams to radio play and the catalysts for having a successful record
- What a love song from Young Dolph might sound like
- New music coming after 'Bulletproof' drops

Sunday, March 26, 2017

#TheOnlyOne by @SofreeWisdom breaks the indie internet!

First of all, yes this is true and fuck you if you can to read this to disagree. I may be wrong but I do know that there is such thing as the indie internet. Its basically the underground music scene. A R&B singer dropped a video on Youtube for her website ONLY, not even on Facebook and in less than 48 hours its up to 2k views. WWW.SOFREEWISDOM.COM

I usually always mention my length of time in my market because it should be known that any critique of any kind should come from someone with experience and a long track record. Now yes, it has been years since I’ve been able to do a proper music video article for an indie R&B artist. The reason this video is getting a full review from me is because it has meaning, it has purpose, and it is important. Lol Pun intended.

For starters, SoFree Wisdom has a hilarious online personality. So, aside from her songwriting and vocal skills when it was announced that she was finally going to shoot a music video for a song she has been pushing for over 2 years, uh yea, she had everyone's full attention. 

Last but not least, its a HAPPY LOVE SONG! Its not about cheated or breaking up or feeling sad or most of the bullshit we hear, its a love song and its her love song and the mofo is married to her damn producer. *drops the mic* Come the fuck on. Watch this video! Drop a comment!

Official Press Release below:

Sofree Wisdom releases “The Only One” visual

Raleigh, NC, March 24, 2017 –  SoFree Wisdom links up with the popular Vision Twenty Films to direct and produce an amazing music video for her single “Only One.” More than just another R&B single, SoFree satisfyingly expresses true love in the way we all love to hear a good R&B song. 

“It’s not just her fans that have been waiting for this. The entire industry has been anticipating this. SoFree is an amazing singer and her first big single and first video is an epic love song. This is what R&B is about!” – Shae Foote, Publicist

SoFree first announced her plans for the video shoot on her social media on February 4, 2017. In fact, the way she announced it is one of the many reasons her fans and those new to her music adore her. SoFree is known not only for her beautiful voice, but for her often sarcastic, crude humor, and straight-to-the-point posts on all her social media feeds. Now, imagine the reaction to her first video shoots announcement on March 4, 2017. Over 300 commented over the course of that day RSVPing and sending congratulations.

Residing in Raleigh since 2006, SoFree presently works diligently to finish up her well-anticipated album, ‘The Best Things in Life Are SoFree’, working alongside TracStar Rich, her key producer, as well as the love of her life. SoFree’s musical creations will imprint in your mind as one of the most unique sounding voices, one has ever heard of for sure. To be compared to legends such as Alicia Keys, Monica, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera. Using music as a tool to uplift fans and listeners, during the many times life’s whirlwinds attempt to swallow our joy alive, SoFree manages to create music that comes from nowhere but the bottomless pits of only an emotion filled soul.

Remember SoFree for her ambition, with the simple fact that the driven independent artist, can attest to have moved hundreds of her self-entitled EP projects, around the fastest growing city in the U.S., by using her social media campaigns as well as person-to-person sales - through various events – where she hosted or performed. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This was sent in a few days ago produced by the infamous Legion of Muzik. #NewMusic Let me know what you think!

[MIXTAPE]: "YOU NEED THIS" - VOL. 4 Hosted by @MrChuckD Feat @AmoreKingTio @BrysonTiller, @TheRealBubbaK

It's very few mixtapes that can catch my attention, mostly because by dealing with the indie industry, mainstream music doesn't excite me as much as it used to. I came across this mixtape and decided to take a listen because it had a very versatile line up in the "various artists" mention, PLUS I know one of the mentioned artists.

If you know me, you know I'm from Kentucky. A navy brat but out of all the places I have lived, that's home. Amore King is out of Louisville and his statistics are very impressive. I mean, everything on his 1st Google search page is like, super impressive for an indie artist. Anyways, at the start of this mixtape there's of course an intro and I'm not gonna be fake, I always skip intro's and skits on indie projects and even mixtapes. Why? Because skits aren't like they used to be and I don't need to hear you talk to introduce your project... hopefully your cover art already spoke to me.

So track 2 was my shit. Amore is up next but track 2 by Mixed Magic was a good ass song so I had to replay that joint. I think I like it because of the beat mostly but also because it was a type of hip hop style I haven't heard before. "Made in Heaven" comes in hard! Production is awesome. It was like just enough time before he comes in. Now first thing some of yall thought was "oh another Louisville singer/rapper?" Yea the fuck right lol Bryson go hard, don't get me wrong but his songs a lil soft. Maybe I am a loss for better words but when you hear Made in Heaven ladies, its gonna make you google him.

So then if you go to track 6, you get some Bryson Tiller. Love the track and its what you would expect from a track featuring Bryson. As I continued to let the tape play through my attention wasn't caught again until track 8 and this is the Bubba Sparxxx track. Like that shit for real for real.

Now I wouldn't be the sarcastic renegade if I didn't give you some real criticism. I must warn you that the mixtape does turn into trap music lol Its not bad trap music... except track 14 which is horrible lol Although because I have now said that you all will go play it and give it plays and please do because I know those guys probably grinding but all i thought about the whole time it played was "why are they tryna be Juicy J?" Maybe its just me. I'm sure they make other great songs but that is definitely not the song to push as a single. Then there's a track called "Pablo" and its the most cliche trap song. Sounds like something Young Dolph would be a feature on. I didn't like it but it was catchy. So, I mean hey, if "I Spy" can be a radio single then he has a chance.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Beats N Bars Festival Press Release: Why You need to know about this!

March 1, 2017 (Durham, N.C.): The Underground Collective is proud to announce the details for hosting its second Beats n Bars Festival to be held on Friday, September 22 at The Pinhook located at 117 West Main Street and Saturday, September 23 at Golden Belt 807 East Main Street, both in Durham, North Carolina. This year Crystal Taylor, CEO of the The Underground Collective has partnered with John Laww aka The Real Laww, Co-founder and CEO of the Durm Hip-Hop Summit. Taylor and Laww saw the benefit in merging their resources and talents to offer festival-goers an unforgettable experience.

Entering their 5th year of programming, The Underground Collective (The UGC) is excited to present this event in an effort to provide a main stage for NC hip hop music and culture featuring live performances, a beat battle event, and informative panel discussions.

In just one year, the festival has become North Carolina’s most popular platform dedicated to cultivating the founding influences of hip hop culture. Beats n Bars Festival has a mission “to build stronger community through the influence of urban culture and music”. With craft and love of the culture, the Beats n Bars experience includes art displays fixtures, panel discussions on culture relations and community impact, exposure to real hip hop music and an introduction to break out artists.

To date, The UGC has become well known for its savvy at providing platforms for hip hop culture throughout the Raleigh-Durham community. Events of note for The Underground Collective include The UGC Beat Battle, Yo! NC Raps, The Fresh Effect Panels and Indy Week magazine’s 2016 Best of The Triangle award winning, “That’s the Joint” open mic, all of which provide effective spaces for MC’s, producers, consumers, and supporters of hip hop culture to interact.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Never let em know! "M.O.N." - @IvyMonae New Visual!

First in Flight Presented by DJ Neph Jones. Notice: Content is NOT cliche.

This tape dropped locally in the beginning of February. Then it went world wide at the end of February. I decided to not just do a mixtape LISTENING review. I decided to look at the story behind the featured, and review as well. Let's take a look at a mixtape with good content released with its own support team and what some may call, a cliche title.

Currently available on the following digital platforms for streaming or download

>Mixtape Factory >DatPiff >TopMixtapes >Spinrilla >Audiomack

There were 2 most notable indie artists on this tape. One was Amore The King, whom hosted the tape along with the DJ. He's out of Louisville, which we all know has a huge supportive fan base. Amore has not only managed to get his fans streaming this tape, but also has recently dropped an album called 'Valentines Day Jordan'. The second artist was Byg Enoff, whom is very well known in the Carolina area and for his single "20 Funerals".

Why is this important? Because that is 2 completely different regions apart of this mixtape and the title is First in Flight. This is NOT just another Carolina mixtape. This is not just another compilation of Carolina artists. There's a story behind this tape and the story is in the tracklist and withing the guys hosting and pushing this tape.

I have them getting interviewed soon but for now, this is available to let the people know that not all mixtapes are just compilations of new music and a few local artists. They strategically put these tracks in an arrangement to give off some good ass energy. I also hear there are talks of DJ Neph Jones teaming up with the Road to Riches DJ's because of this project.

Stay tuned for Volume 2.