Friday, March 31, 2017

Finally. @YoungDolph Speaks On The #CIAA Shooting in Charlotte

Young Dolph stopped by The Breakfast Club to speak on the following topics:
- The situation that went down in Charlotte, N.C. when his SUV was shot up at CIAA
- The significance of his 'Bulletproof' EP, what the track list means
- How he lives life fearless
- Speaks on beef with Yo Gotti, releasing the 'Play Wit Yo Bitch' diss record
- If he thinks him and Yo Gotti will ever work together &/or squash their beef
- Why he hasn't signed to a major label
- How he's shaping himself to be an independent mogul, interests in fashion, film, and business
- Which artists inspire him on a daily basis
- Compares music streams to radio play and the catalysts for having a successful record
- What a love song from Young Dolph might sound like
- New music coming after 'Bulletproof' drops

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