Wednesday, March 15, 2017

[MIXTAPE]: "YOU NEED THIS" - VOL. 4 Hosted by @MrChuckD Feat @AmoreKingTio @BrysonTiller, @TheRealBubbaK

It's very few mixtapes that can catch my attention, mostly because by dealing with the indie industry, mainstream music doesn't excite me as much as it used to. I came across this mixtape and decided to take a listen because it had a very versatile line up in the "various artists" mention, PLUS I know one of the mentioned artists.

If you know me, you know I'm from Kentucky. A navy brat but out of all the places I have lived, that's home. Amore King is out of Louisville and his statistics are very impressive. I mean, everything on his 1st Google search page is like, super impressive for an indie artist. Anyways, at the start of this mixtape there's of course an intro and I'm not gonna be fake, I always skip intro's and skits on indie projects and even mixtapes. Why? Because skits aren't like they used to be and I don't need to hear you talk to introduce your project... hopefully your cover art already spoke to me.

So track 2 was my shit. Amore is up next but track 2 by Mixed Magic was a good ass song so I had to replay that joint. I think I like it because of the beat mostly but also because it was a type of hip hop style I haven't heard before. "Made in Heaven" comes in hard! Production is awesome. It was like just enough time before he comes in. Now first thing some of yall thought was "oh another Louisville singer/rapper?" Yea the fuck right lol Bryson go hard, don't get me wrong but his songs a lil soft. Maybe I am a loss for better words but when you hear Made in Heaven ladies, its gonna make you google him.

So then if you go to track 6, you get some Bryson Tiller. Love the track and its what you would expect from a track featuring Bryson. As I continued to let the tape play through my attention wasn't caught again until track 8 and this is the Bubba Sparxxx track. Like that shit for real for real.

Now I wouldn't be the sarcastic renegade if I didn't give you some real criticism. I must warn you that the mixtape does turn into trap music lol Its not bad trap music... except track 14 which is horrible lol Although because I have now said that you all will go play it and give it plays and please do because I know those guys probably grinding but all i thought about the whole time it played was "why are they tryna be Juicy J?" Maybe its just me. I'm sure they make other great songs but that is definitely not the song to push as a single. Then there's a track called "Pablo" and its the most cliche trap song. Sounds like something Young Dolph would be a feature on. I didn't like it but it was catchy. So, I mean hey, if "I Spy" can be a radio single then he has a chance.

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