Wednesday, May 31, 2017

[VIDEO ALERT]: @MARSmcgowan - Uh-Oh!!!

This submission came in on a great day! His style is smooth and cool af with some great production. I took a listen to this about 3 times and it got better each time. I look forward to his next project!

Following up the mixtape N.B.C: Never Been Commercial, M.A.R.S McGowan is back with his second project of the year. As a continuation of the M.A.R.S series, Memories Are the Realest Stories (M.A.R.S Pt. 2) is projected to release in the Winter 2016. With the first half of the album being completed, M.A.R.S gives you a taste of what's in store as he releases the first single off of his project, "Uh-Oh!!!" With the beat being made by DubBeatz combining this New York sound with a Lucci sample, the 19th Ward Lord brings his lyrics and wit to continue repping for his hometown of Rochester, NY.

On another note, I have my Youtube set on Auto play and this was the next track from Mars that popped up. According to the video's upload date, it's an oldie but damn its a goodie! This shit still rocks! Pres Play! I want this mp3!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


This video couldn't be any more appropriate right now. Another young black child was shot down, unarmed at the age of 15. Another name to remember and never forget, another officer sits at home free. I'm not going to get into details but lets have a moment of silence for #DariusSmith READ MORE HERE.

This track is powerful. It should speak to us all. There's a war going on in our own back yards and many of you refuse to recognize it. Don't wait until it happens to you. "You feel it yet?"

"Producer Millie Vaughn has teamed up with Eternal The MC and Cyrano Sinatra to kickoff his upcoming album, The MillieTape Vol. 2 with an explosive visual for their single, "It's War (You Feel It Yet?)".


I've come across this guy before and enjoyed what I've heard so when I finally got an email from his Publicist I was kinda excited. Why? Because it shows interest in my blog. The purpose for my blog is to showcase all types of hip hop and with so much watered down hip hop and trap radio hits, its nice to get a refreshing listen to some underground hip hop. I love this track. I am downloading it today! Shout out to the producer!!

"On the heels of the continued success from his latest single Please Don't Leave (, North Carolina's own Ron Beatty returns with a lively & jazzy, upbeat single called Mind Control. The track is sonically blessed by the sounds of Raleigh-based producer V.S.O.P., accompanied by saxophonist Juran Ratchford, along with songstress Nneka O lending her vocal support as juxtaposition to a musical battle of the sexes. With a vision that transcends rap cliches and passing fades, Ron Beatty is here to stay and is shaping a definitive sound that cannot be boxed in by genre or region."

Mind Control is available on all music platforms (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) 


I love this song. Mostly because my mentor made the beat. The beat has so much emotion in it son son. Its angry, yet turnt! And of course, Ricky did his thing as usual.

Monday, May 29, 2017

[Artist Watch]: @2_32am x LOOKIN AT YOU

This artist is very unique. Out of 4 song submissions, this was my favorite. Leave a comment, what do you think?

"TWO32, a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Queens. 

'Two' always had a love for good music, but didn't start recording tracks of his own until after he graduated high school in 2014. Since being raised primarily in the south (FL, ATL, MS) he decided to move back to New York to pursue music and be with family. He dropped his first track "Know Why" in April of 2015 and had a few singles over the course of the next year. On Valentine's Day of 2016 he dropped his fan favorite, Nightlife and spent a majority of the year under the radar musically. Now in 2017 he has delivered another single "On My Way" but this time the track is from his upcoming EP titled "F88E8E", which will be his first body of work put out. Coming soon.

[Video]: @Paradox__Music - Palm Trees In Heaven ft. @HV_sings (produced by @JManifestNC)

The homie Paradox told me about this track a while back and I don't remember listening to it but I remember wanting to not just because I knew him but because Heather Victoria is on the hook. I've watched from afar as Heather flourished from a song bird out of the ENC to a now, national recording artist on Jamla Records (Grammy winning producer 9th Wonder). 

Paradox used visuals in the "Palm Trees In Heaven" that featured appearances from Big Tigger, Angela Yee, and DJ Superstar Jay, during a huge event in the Dominican Republic. There are also features from the producer, the one and only J.Manifest, songstress Heather Victoria, and DJ great DJ Cen City.

[The video was shot by Paradox (Loving Life Films/Artistry) in Raleigh, Miami, New York, and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with b roll (in-studio) footage shot by FFtv.]

Sunday, May 28, 2017


I was not expecting the title of this song to actually include the hook that we all know from the Color Purple. You don't hear the hook until after the first verse and that is why this video is getting posted.

I like the lyrics, the delivery, the hook-- i like this song. Its pretty good Hip Hop. Not another trap song. The video gives a story line of what they are sort of rapping about. I strongly suggest the video be done over or at least the single be pushed on another platform other than the video link. The video could distract the audience from actually listening to a good ass song.

Press Play

Friday, May 26, 2017

[new remixx]: @1Future Ft. @KendrickLamar - Mask Off (Remix)

Download Future Ft. Kendrick Lamar - Mask Off (Remix) Clean
Download Future Ft. Kendrick Lamar - Mask Off (Remix) Dirty
Via a PR, i only used some of the submitted information. We all know who Future is but just in case you do not know who or why Future is hot now (lol), here is some of the submission writing...

"Future's second full-length album, initially known as Future Hendrix but later retitled Honest, was issued in early 2014. It earned both critical acclaim and popular success and peaked at number two. Two singles from the album, "Move That Dope" (featuring Pharrell, Pusha T, and Casino) and "I Won" (featuring Kanye West), charted inside the rap Top 20. A few months after the album's release, Future and Ciara's split was made public. During late 2014 and early 2015, Future was on a creative roll with three mixtapes, as well as another major hit, "F**k Up Some Commas." They primed his fans for third album DS2, which debuted at number one in July 2015. Only two months later, What a Time to Be Alive, a mixtape collaboration with Drake, reached the same spot. In early 2016 he dropped the surprise album Evol, which arrived unannounced but still debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. In November of that year, Future issued another Drake-assisted single, "Used to This," from his Beast Mode 16 mixtape."

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