Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I've come across this guy before and enjoyed what I've heard so when I finally got an email from his Publicist I was kinda excited. Why? Because it shows interest in my blog. The purpose for my blog is to showcase all types of hip hop and with so much watered down hip hop and trap radio hits, its nice to get a refreshing listen to some underground hip hop. I love this track. I am downloading it today! Shout out to the producer!!

"On the heels of the continued success from his latest single Please Don't Leave (https://youtu.be/1R7LPdUbuME), North Carolina's own Ron Beatty returns with a lively & jazzy, upbeat single called Mind Control. The track is sonically blessed by the sounds of Raleigh-based producer V.S.O.P., accompanied by saxophonist Juran Ratchford, along with songstress Nneka O lending her vocal support as juxtaposition to a musical battle of the sexes. With a vision that transcends rap cliches and passing fades, Ron Beatty is here to stay and is shaping a definitive sound that cannot be boxed in by genre or region."

Mind Control is available on all music platforms (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) 

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