Wednesday, May 31, 2017

[VIDEO ALERT]: @MARSmcgowan - Uh-Oh!!!

This submission came in on a great day! His style is smooth and cool af with some great production. I took a listen to this about 3 times and it got better each time. I look forward to his next project!

Following up the mixtape N.B.C: Never Been Commercial, M.A.R.S McGowan is back with his second project of the year. As a continuation of the M.A.R.S series, Memories Are the Realest Stories (M.A.R.S Pt. 2) is projected to release in the Winter 2016. With the first half of the album being completed, M.A.R.S gives you a taste of what's in store as he releases the first single off of his project, "Uh-Oh!!!" With the beat being made by DubBeatz combining this New York sound with a Lucci sample, the 19th Ward Lord brings his lyrics and wit to continue repping for his hometown of Rochester, NY.

On another note, I have my Youtube set on Auto play and this was the next track from Mars that popped up. According to the video's upload date, it's an oldie but damn its a goodie! This shit still rocks! Pres Play! I want this mp3!

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