Thursday, November 16, 2017

Listen to his Bible: D Gazero - E Pluribus Unum Hosted by DJ Chuck T

For me, the best music comes from indie artists. An indie artist brings new, real raw material to the table. Their objectives are to stand out, prove themselves, and get fans. There are a few hundred or so that'll fake the grind and imitate famous artists, move as if they have already made it, and buy fans... those dont make my playlist. Work is acknowledged and easily noticed if it is actually being done.

I need yall to take notice of an artist that goes by D Gazerro. The Rhode Island / Charlotte native keeps a name in the mix because he`s rolling with one of the South's most grinding labels, Diamond Ruff Music Group. He currently has a project out now hosted by a top Carolina DJ (& one of the hardest working DJ's I know), DJ Chuck T called E Pluribus Unum. This 11 track mixtape was very much worth the space on my S8.

From the start of playing the production and his delivery will
keep you paying attention. The first 3 tracks of any mixtape are crucial because they are the top songs that HAVE to keep the listeners attention. They cannot make the listener hit he skip button and they have to make them want to appreciate the download & their time. "Money in There" is just a snippet but he clearly knows issa hit so he made a bold move making it the first track. The following tracks are just as pleasing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

[NEW MUSIC]: @IkeEllisWill releases hit Street Single, “Troy Bag”

Meet Ike Ellis. If you're not familiar with the name, its ok. Just trust me when I say this is a guy worth paying attention to. 

This featured single dropped November 14 on digital platforms and the production is bananas- first off. The eerie piano on top off a down south trap scheme is sure to make you move your head. Secondly, Ike clearly tells us a story and its as if he were talking directly to you.

Check it out on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Excerpt from review:

After the continued success of the latest single “Sorry” by Ike Ellis and Nitres, the 100 Grand Entertainment artist is back yet again with another single song to continue the momentum. Written and recorded while on the road managing millions of  dollars worth of audio equipment for the Weeknd Star boy tour, the record embodies a distinctive energy unprecedented from the Ike Ellis brand.

The latest single “Troy Bag” releasing November 14th 2017 is a strong street single with radio appeal for the masses to enjoy. The vibrant 808’s from CBBEATS production drive the song to new pinnacles delivering something quite unique unheard from Ike Ellis’s catalog.  Lyrical delivery and flow over a trap instrumentation charters into new territories from his normal sound of music. The song instantly connects with DJ’s in the club and radio.

Building the catalog, adding to the versatility of his brand, discovering new listeners in other markets is the essential goal of this record. What is a Troy Bag? A bag of money kept to yourself, undisclosed from government reign in which without it could impose upon the security of your minimum basic necessity in this capitalistic society. A cushion if you will, when everybody digging in your pockets.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[Music] - Kese - "Cut The Check"

You gotta put this on your playlist. Kese gotta single on his hands and the strip clubs love it. If the strippers love it, I gotta hear it and ive kept listening. Straight outta Charlotte, "Cut the Check"!
Brief Bio: At a young age, Kese took a liking to rap music. Already having a good ear for it, during his middle school years he actually began rapping himself. He would engage in freestyle sessions after his classes. The freestyling conditioned him to be a full blown rapper; exercising his lyrical skills and wittiness is exactly what got him prepared for what was to come.

For bookings contact
Greg Washington

Regional anthem from Tramatik - "252" (prod. By D-Eazie)

Came across this video while watching my favorite show (Turnt Tuesday every Tuesday night with Coco Filipina) and decided it need more acknowledgement.

Tramatik is a not just a very noticeable name amongst the hip hop industry in the Carolinas. He's an artist true to the definition. The video for "252" is long in length but its his story. Many of us in media get lost in the industry politics that when we get submissions from indie artists we forget that we too were once at that same point of branding and networking. Tramatik embraces his roots- which are also in my roots.

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