Thursday, November 16, 2017

Listen to his Bible: D Gazero - E Pluribus Unum Hosted by DJ Chuck T

For me, the best music comes from indie artists. An indie artist brings new, real raw material to the table. Their objectives are to stand out, prove themselves, and get fans. There are a few hundred or so that'll fake the grind and imitate famous artists, move as if they have already made it, and buy fans... those dont make my playlist. Work is acknowledged and easily noticed if it is actually being done.

I need yall to take notice of an artist that goes by D Gazerro. The Rhode Island / Charlotte native keeps a name in the mix because he`s rolling with one of the South's most grinding labels, Diamond Ruff Music Group. He currently has a project out now hosted by a top Carolina DJ (& one of the hardest working DJ's I know), DJ Chuck T called E Pluribus Unum. This 11 track mixtape was very much worth the space on my S8.

From the start of playing the production and his delivery will
keep you paying attention. The first 3 tracks of any mixtape are crucial because they are the top songs that HAVE to keep the listeners attention. They cannot make the listener hit he skip button and they have to make them want to appreciate the download & their time. "Money in There" is just a snippet but he clearly knows issa hit so he made a bold move making it the first track. The following tracks are just as pleasing.

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